Ukraine: EU threatens Moscow with heavy consequences in case of military aggression

Europe 1 with AFP
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6:25 a.m., December 17, 2021

A “military aggression” against Ukraine would have “heavy consequences and a high cost” for Russia, warned the 27 EU heads of state and government on Thursday in a joint statement at a summit in Brussels.

NATO and the EU warned Moscow on Thursday against “heavy consequences” in the event of military intervention in Ukraine, after rejecting Russia’s will to veto Kiev’s possible membership of the Alliance. “Any new aggression against Ukraine will have serious consequences and a high cost in response,” said the heads of state and government of the 27 EU countries, meeting in summit in Brussels, in conclusions adopted at the ‘unanimity after several hours of discussion behind closed doors on possible European economic sanctions.

“Any new aggression against Ukraine would have serious consequences and the price to pay would be high”, added NATO in a statement published simultaneously with the position taken by EU leaders.

No compromise

“We will not compromise on Ukraine’s right to choose its own path, on NATO’s right to protect and defend all of its members, and on the fact that NATO has a partnership with Ukraine “, said Alliance Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg after a meeting at Alliance headquarters with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

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