Ukraine: for Fabien Roussel, “we cannot accede” to kyiv’s request “to return to the EU and NATO”

The national secretary of the PCF Fabien Roussel pleaded Wednesday for a status of neutrality for Ukraine, demanded by Moscow, rather than its entry into the European Union and NATO, and called on Europeans to build “collective security”.

“Everything must be done to prevent this warlike escalation,” insisted the communist boss, as the war in Ukraine enters its third year at the end of the week. To do this, “we cannot grant Ukraine’s request to join the European Union and NATO. This is not possible,” he said.

“Put the withdrawal of Russian troops on the table”

France and the European Union “are right to help a country which is invaded”, underlined Fabien Roussel while London, Berlin and Paris signed bilateral security agreements with kyiv a few days ago. But “rather than projecting ourselves into a war which could last another two or three years, flare up, become global, I hope that we combine diplomacies to influence political negotiations and put on the table, very concretely, the withdrawal Russian troops, as well as neutrality status for Ukraine”, which Vladimir Putin has been demanding since the start of the offensive, he detailed.

“We see how putting ourselves under the umbrella of NATO is fraught with dangers. Tomorrow, if Donald Trump is re-elected, how will we ensure our own collective security?” insisted the deputy from the North. The former American president actually threatened, if he returned to the White House, to no longer guarantee the protection of NATO countries against Russia if they did not pay their share.

Fabien Roussel had already pleaded last summer, in a letter addressed to Emmanuel Macron, for “the negotiation of a status of neutrality for Ukraine within the framework of international protection under the aegis of the UN, in in return for which Ukraine would renounce joining NATO.

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