Ukraine has completed a questionnaire for EU membership

(Reuters) – Ukraine has completed a questionnaire that will serve as a starting point for the European Union to decide whether to join it, a senior representative of the Kyiv Presidency, Ihor Zhovkva, told Ukrainian state television on Sunday evening. .

This questionnaire was given to Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky by the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, during her visit to Kyiv on April 8, during which she promised to speed up Ukraine’s application process following the offensive launched by Russia.

Ihor Zhovkva indicated that Brussels had to transmit its recommendations on the respect by Ukraine of the criteria necessary to pretend to integrate the community block.

He said he expected the EU executive to give a favorable opinion. “Then the ball will be in the EU member states’ court,” he added.

The high representative of the Kyiv Presidency has made it known that he expects Ukraine to acquire in June, during a European Council already on the calendar, the status of a candidate for entry into the EU.

“Then we will have to start talks about membership,” he said.

(Report Lidia Kelly; French version Jean terzian)

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