Ukraine: Russian soldiers will be able to freeze their sperm for free

The Russians called to fight in Ukraine will have the possibility of storing frozen sperm for free in a cryo-bank, relays the “BBC”.

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More than 100,000 Russian soldiers have been killed or injured since the invasion of Ukraine. (Illustrative photo).
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LRussian soldiers taking part in the invasion of Ukraine will be able to benefit from the free freezing of their sperm and its storage in cryo-banks, reported the Russian news agency Tass, citing a union of lawyers and relayed by the BBC. “Families of those called up for military service under the partial mobilization will receive free access to storage of the biomaterial in a cryo-bank,” said Igor Trunov, president of the Russian lawyers’ union, which represents several couples including the husband. was mobilized.

Last September, Vladimir Putin announced the mobilization of 300,000 reservists after a series of failures in Ukraine. “Partial mobilization” means that citizens who are in the reserve can be called up, and those with military experience will be subject to conscription, the Kremlin chief had said.

An increase in requests

The move sparked an exodus from Russia, with thousands of military-age men fleeing the country rather than risk conscription. Videos showed long queues at the land borders of several neighboring countries, as well as hikes in airfares and sold-out fights following the announcement.

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But this announcement also led many men to go to clinics to have their sperm frozen. Indeed, in the days following the call to action, the Fontanka website reported an increase in the number of men who turned to in vitro fertilization and fertility clinics to have their semen and draw up documents authorizing their wives to use it.

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