Ukraine war in the live ticker: +++ 00:23 Italy confiscated mega yacht that allegedly belongs to Putin +++

Ukraine war in the live ticker
+++ 00:23 Italy confiscates mega yacht allegedly belonging to Putin +++

The Italian authorities have arrested the mega yacht “Scheherazade” lying in a Tuscan shipyard. Investigations have revealed “significant economic and business connections between the official owner of the ‘Scheherazade’ and important figures in the Russian government,” the Italian Ministry of Economic Affairs said. The ministry did not disclose the name of the owner. Members of the anti-corruption foundation of jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny had attributed the yacht to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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+++ 23:47 “funds almost exhausted”: Biden releases further military aid for Ukraine +++
US President Joe Biden has approved further military aid for Ukraine to defend against the Russian war of aggression. An additional package is to provide the country with more artillery ammunition, radars and other equipment, Biden announced on Friday. At the same time, the US President warned: “With today’s announcement, my administration has almost exhausted the funds that can be used for the deployment of security support by the evacuation authorities to Ukraine.” He called on the US Congress to release further requested billions in aid.

+++ 23:05 Pro-Russian hackers attack Chancellor Scholz and German ministries +++
According to a media report, pro-Russian hackers attacked the websites of German security authorities, ministries and politicians. Among other things, the federal police, several state police authorities, the Bundestag, the Federal Ministry of Defense and the SPD website of Chancellor Olaf Scholz were affected, reported the “Spiegel” with reference to an internal report by the authorities. Because of the attacks, some of the websites were temporarily unavailable. According to the report, these were so-called ddos ​​attacks, in which servers are bombarded with so many requests that the system can no longer cope with the tasks. The authorities assumed retaliatory actions for German arms deliveries to Ukraine. The Killnet group claimed responsibility for the attacks on the Telegram messenger service.

+++ 22:15 Lavrov: Racist West fuels hatred of everything Russian +++
At a commemoration event on the occasion of “Victory Day” in Moscow, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov renewed his allegation that an anti-Semitic regime rules in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. “In the Baltic states and in Ukraine, neo-Nazism and a new form of anti-Semitism are thriving under the Kiev regime – with the knowledge of the collective West,” says a message posted on the Website of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been published. So together they are waging a propaganda war against the Russian Federation and every Russian, no matter where in the world they are. “This is a new expression of racism,” says Lavrov. “You incite hatred for everything Russian on a personal level.”

+++ 22:02 UN Security Council “deeply concerned” about the situation in Ukraine +++
The UN Security Council agrees on a joint position for the first time more than two months after Russia invaded Ukraine. The most powerful UN body has declared unanimously – also with the approval of the aggressor Russia – that it is “deeply concerned” about the conflict in Ukraine. At the same time, the Security Council welcomes the mediation efforts of UN Secretary-General António Guterres. The agreement is considered the weakest possible statement by the international body.

+++ 21:35 Kyiv: 50 civilians brought to safety from the steel mill +++
Ukraine confirms more civilians have been evacuated from the Azov Steelworks in Mariupol. “Today we were able to get 50 women, children and elderly people out,” Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk wrote on Telegram. The action should continue on Saturday morning. The Russian Ministry of Defense also spoke of 50 people who had left the contested area. Vereshchuk added that the Russian army repeatedly violated the agreed cease-fire during the evacuation.

+++ 21:09 East Ukrainian separatists appoint ambassador to Russia +++
The self-proclaimed People’s Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk are sending ambassadors to Moscow around two and a half months after their recognition by Russia. The pro-Russian separatists from Donetsk announce that their interests in Moscow are to be represented in future by the politician Olga Makeyeva. Luhansk is sending former journalist Rodion Miroshnik to Russia, who years ago worked for then-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych.

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