Ukraine war in the live ticker: +++ 00:24 Selenskyj again calls for a special tribunal for Russia +++

Ukraine war in the live ticker
+++ 00:24 Selenskyj again calls for a special tribunal for Russia +++

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has reiterated his call for a special tribunal over Russia’s war of aggression. Ukraine is already working with many countries and organizations such as the International Criminal Court “so that every Russian murderer receives the punishment he deserves,” he says in his daily video address in the evening. “But unfortunately the available international legal instruments for justice are not sufficient.” Zelenskyy complains: “Even before the International Criminal Court it is still impossible to try the highest political and military leadership of Russia for the crime of aggression against our state – for the main crime.” A special tribunal is therefore needed.

+++ 23:06 Generators from locomotives are supposed to supply Ukrainians with electricity +++
According to Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, technology from trains could help with the emergency supply of electricity to Ukraine. People are racking their brains about how to remove generators from railway locomotives and then transport them to Ukraine by truck or train, the Greens politician said on the sidelines of a NATO meeting. The country needs large generators to replace the power plants bombed by Russia. In addition to money, “any creativity” is also required.

+++ 22:10 Scholz offers Poland Patriot defense again +++
Chancellor Olaf Scholz renewed the offer to station German Patriot anti-aircraft systems in Poland. “Our offer to the Polish government to protect our own country is still not off the table,” says Scholz in Berlin. Scholz promises Ukraine further support of a different kind to ward off air attacks. “We’ve just launched new delivery options for Gepard,” he says, without giving any details. Germany has already made 30 Gepard anti-aircraft vehicles available to Ukraine.

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+++ 21:40 Russia sends forced laborers to the armaments factory +++
The Russian prison authorities want to use 250 prisoners sentenced to forced labor in an armaments factory in the Urals. The forced laborers are said to work as machine and crane operators, turners and welders at the Uralvagonzavod company in the city of Nizhny Tagil. The Russian media reported on Tuesday, citing the authority. According to the reports, the work comes with some privileges. The prisoners are not housed in cells, but in a dormitory, or they can even live with relatives. In addition to the usual taxes, only a rate of 5 to 20 percent is deducted from their salary as a penalty. Uralvagonzavod is one of the largest defense companies, known for the production of main battle tanks from the T-72 to the new T-14. After the start of the Ukraine war, a three-shift system was introduced there to increase production. Russia has suffered significantly higher losses than expected in its war of aggression.

+++ 21:01 Klitschko talks Germany into conscience +++
Former world boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko asks Germany for further help in repelling the Russian attack on Ukraine. “The crime, the war crime, that is taking place in Ukraine must come to an end. The suffering must come to an end,” said the brother of Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko in Berlin at a meeting with FDP politicians. Germany has already done a lot, but he is coming and asking for further support, also with a view to the winter. Klitschko: “It can’t be that there’s a war in Ukraine and you look the other way and think there won’t be a knock on my door. It will.” In the Bundestag, he met the chairwoman of the defense committee, Marie-Agnes-Strack-Zimmermann, and the FDP parliamentary group deputy and foreign politician Alexander Graf Lambsdorff.

+++ 20:15 Ukraine reports 26 airstrikes +++
According to the Ukrainian General Staff, Russia has shelled numerous objects of civilian infrastructure in Ukraine. According to a statement from the military leadership in Kyiv, a total of 26 airstrikes and one rocket attack were registered. “And there is still a risk that the enemy will launch missile attacks on critical infrastructure facilities deep in the hinterland.” The General Staff once again criticizes the fact that neighboring Belarus continues to support Russia’s war of aggression and continues to make its territory and airspace “available” for missile and air strikes.
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+++ 19:48 on the phone: Scholz promises Selenskyj cold help +++
Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz spoke on the phone with the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj and exchanged views on the political, military and humanitarian situation in Ukraine. As government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit reported in Berlin, Selenskyj informed the Federal Chancellor about the effects of the Russian air raids on civilian infrastructure, water and power supplies. Scholz condemned the shelling and promised Ukraine further short-term support. Hebestreit pointed out that the federal government had already provided short-term financial aid for the repair of the energy infrastructure amounting to around 56 million euros. In addition, more than 350 generators were made available.

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