Ukraine war in the live ticker: +++ 00:57 Selenskyj warns of more attacks before the war anniversary +++

Ukraine war in the live ticker
+++ 00:57 Selenskyj warns of more attacks before the war anniversary +++

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy warns of an increase in attacks ahead of the anniversary of Russia’s start of the war on February 24. In eastern Ukraine, the Russians aim to show achievements by that date, Zelenskyy says in a widely distributed video message. “The situation is getting tougher and harder,” he says, praising the resistance of the Ukrainian armed forces.

+++ 23:21 Selenskyj relies on personnel changes in the fight against corruption +++
After the most recent series of raids, the Ukrainian President Zelenskyj is also determined to make extensive personnel changes in the fight against corruption. “Unfortunately, in some areas the rule of law can only be guaranteed with a change in leadership,” said the president in a video speech. “There will be as many changes as necessary.” At the same time, Zelenskyi emphasizes the need for an honest Ministry of Defence. During the day, the home of a billionaire and former supporter of the president was searched. According to the public prosecutor’s office, various ex-ministers, including a former deputy defense minister, are suspected of corruption.

+++ 22:24 government spokesman: There is no lack of mediators +++
According to government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit, there is no shortage of mediators in the Ukraine war. He is responding to a suggestion by Brazilian President Lula da Silva that China or he himself could mediate in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The problem at the moment, however, is “that the Russian side is not showing any signs of breaking off the war of aggression against Ukraine.”

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+++ 22:15 Russian state television: Europeans have to eat insects +++
Russian state television is spreading the thesis that sanctions against Russia have forced Europeans to impose drastic restrictions on everyday life. The director of the Rossiya Sevodnya news agency reports on the Rossiya 1 channel that Europeans are being forced to eat insects, wash and heat less and use electrical appliances less often. “The brainwashed Russian audience is convinced that the standard of living in Europe is deteriorating drastically,” former spokeswoman for the Ukrainian President Yulia Mendel wrote on Twitter about the video.

+++ 22:03 Wagner founder wants to ban politicians from traveling abroad +++
The founder of the Wagner mercenary group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, wants Russian politicians to be banned from traveling abroad. According to Prigozhin, it is intolerable that government employees and MPs vacation in countries that are hostile to Russia. In a letter published by the Wagner Group, the businessman addressed his proposal to the chairman of the Duma’s Security and Anti-Corruption Committee, Vasily Piskarev. According to the Tass news agency, Piskarev told journalists that members of the Russian lower house would deal with the request. “This initiative … certainly deserves attention,” said the parliamentarian.

+++ 21:42 Unknown people set fire to a tent for Ukrainian refugees in Bavaria +++
Unknown persons have set fire to a still uninhabited tent accommodation for refugees from Ukraine in Marklkofen, Lower Bavaria. According to the police in Straubing, they tried to set the tent on fire during the night and probably used a fire accelerant to do so. Accordingly, “the wooden floor and the tent wall were burned and damaged in small areas”. There was damage of several thousand euros, but the tent could still be used, it said. Fire investigators and state security at the criminal police in Landshut started the investigation. The police asked possible witnesses for information on the unknown perpetrators.

+++ 21:25 London rejects Johnson’s demand for fighter jets +++
While Boris Johnson is pressuring Western politicians to supply fighter jets to Ukraine, Downing Street has continued to rule out supplying British models to Kyiv. A spokesman for Downing Street said it will continue to work closely with Ukrainians to understand their needs and how allies can further support them. However, on Johnson’s call for fighter jets, he said: “Given the complexity of Britain’s fighter jets and the time required to train them, we do not believe this is practical at this time.

+++ 21:05 Ukrainian Prime Minister is pushing for Leopard delivery “within weeks” +++
Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Schmyhal calls Germany’s yes to the delivery of Leopard tanks “a historic, important, epochal decision.” However, time is of the essence. “We hope that we will receive these tanks within weeks and not within months,” Schmyhal told the “Spiegel”. He also urged haste on the question of his country joining the EU. “It is our ambition to be formally ready for membership by the end of 2024,” he said. The Ukrainian prime minister is pressing for an early review of his country’s progress and hopes that the actual accession negotiations will start before the end of this year. Schmyhal expects German companies to be heavily involved in the reconstruction of his country. “I know that the German economy is already preparing for the largest reconstruction project in Europe since the end of the Second World War.”

+++ 20:44 Kyiv: Russia is fighting bitterly for Lyman +++
According to the Kiev government, the heavy fighting in eastern Ukraine continues unabated. Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maljar told Telegram that Russian troops were trying with all their might to gain ground near the strategically important city of Lyman. Despite heavy casualties, Russian forces would continue their offensive around Bakhmut and Avdiivka. The information cannot be independently verified. A Russian statement is not available.

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