Ukraine war in the live ticker: +++ 01:06 freight train derailed in the Belgorod region +++

Ukraine war in the live ticker
+++ 01:06 freight train derailed in Belgorod region +++

Fifteen carriages of an empty freight train derailed in the southern Russian region of Belgorod, on the border with Ukraine. “According to preliminary information, there are no injuries,” local governor Vyacheslav Gladkov told Telegram. There is currently no information on the cause. In recent weeks there have been repeated explosions and attacks in the Belgorord region, for which the authorities blame Ukraine or pro-Ukrainian saboteurs. Ukraine has not yet claimed responsibility for attacks within Russia.

+++ 00:36 Belarus delivered 130,000 tons of ammunition to Russia +++
Russia has received massive shipments of ammunition from Belarus, according to the Ukrainian news site Kyiv Independent. According to the report, which is based on research by Belarusian journalist Anton Motolko, Russia received around 130,000 tons of ammunition in the first year of the war – ten times more than before. Motolko evaluated data from a railway union.

+++ 23:09 Zelenskyj: “Generals in a good mood” +++
According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, counterattacks are under way in the war against Russia. However, Selenskyj held back with details on Saturday. “There are counter-offensives and defensive actions taking place in Ukraine, but I won’t say at what stage they are,” he said in Kyiv. The generals are in good spirits. “Tell that to Putin,” he added.

+++ 22:02 Poland denies connection to Nord Stream sabotage +++
Poland has denied any connection to the sabotage of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 Baltic Sea gas pipelines. “Poland has nothing to do with the demolition of Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2,” wrote intelligence coordinator Stanislaw Zaryn’s spokesman on Twitter. There is no reason to associate the country with these events. “The hypothesis remains that the blast was committed by Russia, which had the motive and ability to carry out such an operation.” The Wall Street Journal previously reported that German investigators were reviewing evidence suggesting the sabotage team used Poland as an operational base.

+++ 21:27 Hundreds demonstrate in front of the Luftwaffe maneuver “Air Defender 2023” +++
Before the start of the international Luftwaffe maneuver “Air Defender 2023”, hundreds of people demonstrated against the military exercise in front of the Wunstorf air base in the Hanover region. Peace initiatives had called for the demonstration under the motto “Practice peace – instead of war”. The demonstrators called for diplomatic solutions and a ceasefire in the war in Ukraine. Banners with the inscription “Down with arms! No to war! Disarmament now!” According to a police spokesman, a total of around 300 people gathered peacefully. From June 12 to 23, 25 nations and 10,000 soldiers with 250 aircraft will take part in the “Air Defender 2023” maneuver under German leadership. Among them are 70 machines from Germany. It is the largest air force deployment exercise in NATO’s history.

+++ 20:50 Selenskyj: “I would like to thank everyone who is holding their positions and pushing forward” +++
After the start of the long-awaited counter-offensive, which was also confirmed by the Ukrainian side, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is vague in his nightly speech about specific developments on the front. “I would like to thank everyone who is holding their positions and pushing forward,” said Zelenskyj.

+++ 20:22 Selenskyj thanks for the arms help from Canada +++
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy thanked Ottawa for new military aid after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s visit. The most important thing is the delivery of 155 caliber artillery ammunition, he says in his daily video speech. He also praised Canada’s commitment to an international coalition to help Ukraine procure Western fighter jets. During his visit, Trudeau had previously announced the continuation of a training program for Ukrainian pilots. Overall, Canada’s new armaments package amounts to the equivalent of around 350 million euros.

+++ 19:48 France warns Iran against drone deliveries to Russia +++
France warns Iran about drone deliveries to Russia. The Tehran leadership must immediately stop supporting Russia in its war against Ukraine, said French President Emmanuel Macron in a telephone conversation with his Iranian counterpart Ebrahim Raissi. This is announced by the Office of the President in Paris. According to the US, Russia has recently intensified its cooperation with Iran and received hundreds of attack drones, which were then used against Ukraine.

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