Ukraine war in the live ticker: +++ 01:50 Selenskyj reiterates the demand for air defense technology +++

Ukraine war in the live ticker
+++ 01:50 Selenskyj reiterates the demand for air defense technology +++

After the rocket attack on a shopping center in eastern Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy urged the West to provide modern air defense systems. Zelenskyi emphasized in his daily video speech that Ukraine asked for this before the war and immediately after the Russian invasion. “People in the Kremenchuk mall deserve the same security as people in any mall in the world, whether it’s somewhere in Philadelphia or Tel Aviv or in a shopping arcade in Dresden.”

+++ 00:42 Association Future Gas doubts Habeck’s schedule for LNG terminals +++
The commissioning of at least two LNG terminals planned by Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck by the end of the year could be delayed. “So far we only know of a clear implementation perspective from one of these floating LNG terminals with Wilhelmshaven. The planned stationary terminals still have no final investment decisions. The industry finally needs clarity here and on a few other regulatory issues,” says Timm Kehler, CEO of the Verband Zukunft gas, to “image”. According to Kehler, in order to achieve a capacity of 13 billion cubic meters of natural gas via the LNG terminals in the coming year, the pace of capacity building and expansion must continue.

+++ 23:30 G7 summit describes attack on shopping center as a “war crime” +++
The G7 summit strongly condemned the attack on a shopping center in central Ukraine that left at least 13 dead. “Indiscriminate attacks on innocent civilians are a war crime,” declared the heads of state and government of the seven federal states, who are currently meeting at Schloss Elmau in Bavaria. Russian President Vladimir Putin and others responsible for this “disgusting” attack must be “held accountable”.

+++ 23:09 German financial system remains stable despite the Ukraine war +++
The Financial Stability Committee (AfS) considers the direct effects of the war in Ukraine on the German financial system to be limited. According to the Federal Ministry of Finance, this emerges from the latest report by the committee for the Bundestag. The direct claims against debtors in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are small in total. However, the uncertainty rose sharply with the Russian attack on Ukraine at the end of February. In the western countries, however, the adjustment of the assessment of risks was largely orderly. “So far there have been no serious malfunctions in the German financial system.”

+++ 22:18 Strack-Zimmermann insists on Marder tank deliveries +++
The chairwoman of the Bundestag Defense Committee, Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, continues to urge that German Marder infantry fighting vehicles be made available to Ukraine. “I never tire of demanding, together with my colleagues from the FDP, that at least 50 Marder tanks be sent from the Bundeswehr,” she told the TV channel “Welt”.

+++ 21:47 Governor: Eight people killed in rocket attack queuing for water +++
Officials say eight people were killed in a queue in front of a tanker truck with drinking water in the Ukrainian city of Lysychansk in a Russian missile attack. Another 21 were injured, as the governor of the Luhansk region, Serhiy Hajdaj, writes on Telegram. “The Russians fired at a crowd with Uragan multiple rocket launchers as the civilians were fetching water from a cistern,” explains Hajdaj. Lysychansk is the last major city in the region still under Ukrainian control after the Russian military seized neighboring Sievarodonetsk.

+++ 21:35 manufacturer gives Ukraine combat drones +++
The Turkish company Baykar is providing Ukraine with three Bayraktar TB2 combat and reconnaissance drones free of charge. The company tweeted that top entrepreneurs and ordinary people had raised money for this purpose via crowdfunding. However, Baykar will not accept any money and will send the drones to the front in Ukraine free of charge. Earlier this month, after another fundraiser in Lithuania, Baykar pledged to provide a combat drone for Ukraine free of charge.

+++ 21:13 Kyiv: missile defense systems could prevent tragedies +++
The Ukrainian Defense Ministry tweeted that the shopping center in Kremenchuk was hit by Russian X-22 missiles. Modern missile defense systems would prevent new tragedies. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy repeatedly calls for the delivery of missile defense systems.

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