Ukraine war in the live ticker: +++ 02:06 Ukraine welcomes air defense cooperation with Western allies +++

Ukraine war in the live ticker
+++ 02:06 Ukraine welcomes air defense cooperation with Western allies +++

Ukraine welcomes the formation of a “coalition” of 20 Western countries to strengthen air defense against Russia. “I thank all countries that are participating in these efforts so that our cities and villages can be better protected from Russian attacks,” said President Zelensky in his nightly video address. “Not everything can be announced at this time, but the Ukrainian air defense shield is getting stronger every month.” The group was formed at a virtual meeting of the “Ramstein Group,” which is studying Ukraine’s military needs. The German Ministry of Defense had founded the group, in which Germany and France play a leading role, in a post on X announced.

+++ 22:21 North Macedonia secretly trained Ukrainian soldiers +++
North Macedonia has completed the training of the first group of Ukrainian soldiers. This process has so far been kept secret for security reasons, reports “Balkan Insight”, citing the country’s Defense Minister Slavjanka Petrovska. The Balkan country will continue training until 2024 and “as long as it is necessary,” says Petrovska in a commentary for Macedonian Television. The minister says that the training took place in North Macedonian military facilities, but does not provide any information about the type of training or the number of Ukrainian soldiers who underwent it.

+++ 21:30 Kiev’s parliament passes law for free storage of soldiers’ germ cells +++
The Ukrainian parliament has passed a bill in the first reading that provides for the free collection and storage of germ cells for Ukrainian soldiers, according to MP Jaroslav Zhelezniak. The bill would allow Ukrainian soldiers to have their reproductive cells harvested for free and stored in cryobanks so they can continue to have children even if they suffer injuries on the battlefield that impair their sexual function. The law would apply to both men and women. Additionally, it would allow women to have children with a male partner killed in the line of duty.

+++ 9:00 p.m. Russian public prosecutor’s office summons politician after declaration of presidential candidacy +++
In Russia, an independent local politician has been summoned by prosecutors after she said she might run in the presidential election. She was accused of posting on the online networks raising some questions, “particularly about the wording of the sections on war and peace and my opinion about the current government and what is happening in our country,” Duntsova told the AFP news agency. 21 months after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the 40-year-old wrote on the networks that Russia was moving “away from rights and freedoms, from love and peace, from a beautiful future.” In Russia, any criticism of the military operation in Ukraine is effectively forbidden.

+++ 20:29 Prison sentence for young people in Russia for attacks on recruiting offices +++
A teenager in Russia has been sentenced to six years in prison for arson attacks on two army recruiting offices. A court in St. Petersburg found 17-year-old Yegor Balaseikin guilty of “terrorism.” The teenager had confessed to throwing Molotov cocktails at recruiting offices in St. Petersburg and his hometown of Kirovsk in protest against the Russian offensive in Ukraine. However, Balaseikin’s incendiary devices did not ignite and no significant damage was caused. Since the Russian offensive in Ukraine began in February 2022, dozens of recruiting offices in Russia have been the target of arson attacks. Supporters are concerned about Balaseikin’s health. The teenager suffers from hepatitis and liver fibrosis. A petition to release the 17-year-old for health reasons has collected more than 3,000 signatures since October.

+++ 20:08 Report: Russians are particularly interested in buying houses in Hungary and Cyprus +++
Russians planning to buy property abroad are most interested in investing in Cyprus and Hungary, reports Russian media outlet RBC, citing research by real estate agency NF Group. While Turkey and the United Arab Emirates were the most popular locations in 2022, NF Group notes that Hungary and Cyprus are the most requested countries by its customers this year. The company claims that 61% of its customers want to buy property abroad in order to obtain a residence permit or citizenship in this country.

+++ 19:40 “What is crucial is that the West listened” +++
The Kremlin sees the fact that Vladimir Putin is allowed to speak at a G20 summit for the first time since the beginning of his attack on Ukraine as a huge success. According to ntv Russia correspondent Rainer Munz, Russia now sees itself as a full member of the G20 again.

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