Ukraine war in the live ticker: +++ 02:07 Selenskyj welcomes the exchange of prisoners +++

Ukraine war in the live ticker
+++ 02:07 Zelenskyj welcomes the exchange of prisoners +++

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy speaks of a success in view of the return of soldiers from Russian captivity. 100 soldiers and the first deputy mayor of the city of Enerhodar, known as the location of the largest European nuclear power plant Zaporizhia, are free again, says Zelenskyj in his evening video message. He was “happy for the more than 100 families whose sons, brothers and husbands are returning”. Russia had also received 101 soldiers from Ukrainian captivity.

+++ 01:21 Kuleba currently considers diplomatic initiatives to be futile +++
The Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba made it clear that he currently sees no chance for diplomatic initiatives to end the war in his country. “I like anyone who wants to achieve peace through diplomatic initiatives,” Kuleba told the newspapers of the Funke media group. “But how can such an initiative work? Should the price of peace be that Russia remains in the occupied territories?” If the Kremlin experiences that it can conquer territories militarily, it has no incentive to end the war. “He might take a break and start another war in about a year,” Kuleba warns.

+++ 00:07 majority of Germans reject fighter jet delivery +++
The majority of Germans are against the delivery of fighter jets to Ukraine. In the ARD “Germany Trend” 64 percent of those questioned reject the provision. Only 23 percent support it, 13 percent don’t want to or can’t comment on it. Rejection is greatest among supporters of the AfD and the left, with 86 and 81 percent respectively opposing it. The proposal is still most popular with supporters of the Greens with 38 percent and FDP with 34 percent. In the case of the Union with 27 percent and SPD with 26 percent, approval is significantly lower.

+++ 23:20 Ukraine may keep confiscated oligarch assets +++
Ukraine to get €250m fortune from Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska The Supreme Anti-Corruption Court of Ukraine has upheld a decision by the Ministry of Justice in Kiev, according to which Deripaska’s companies, land and holdings will be handed over to the state, the Ukrainian secret service said. Ukraine wants to use the money to compensate for war damage. Deripaska is close to Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin and, as a supporter of the war of aggression against Ukraine, is also subject to sanctions in the West.

+++ 22:12 US officials: sanctions against Russia hinder supplies +++
According to the US, the sanctions imposed on Russia at the beginning of the invasion are gradually affecting the supply of important parts to replace destroyed or used up war equipment. Russia is trying to circumvent the restrictions, said senior economics ministry official Alan Estevez. However, not everything that is needed can be imported. “Over time, (President Vladimir) Putin’s war machine will be crippled, and as we continue to supply arms to Ukraine, its military capability will increase and Putin’s will decrease.”

+++ 21:16 Khodorkovsky: No peace with Putin +++
The Russian anti-Kremlin Mikhail Khodorkovsky does not believe in a peace solution for Ukraine with Russian President Vladimir Putin. “As long as Putin’s regime is in power, the war will not end,” said Khodorkovsky in Munich before the official start of the Munich Security Conference (MSC). Khodorkovsky described Russian society as deeply divided down to the families because of the war against Ukraine. This is not yet a war of the Russian people. If, under the conditions of a dictatorship, 15 to 20 percent of the people said they were against the war, that was a lot.

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