Ukrainian attacks on bridge: Russia fears “disaster” after dam shelling

Ukrainian attacks on bridge
Russia fears “disaster” after dam shelling

Ukrainian troops are attempting to cut off supplies to the Russian occupiers by means of targeted shelling of connections across the Dnipro River. The bridge at the Nowa Kachowka dam is also being targeted. Russia warns of dangerous consequences.

In the south of Ukraine, the car bridge of the Nowa Kakhovka dam in the Cherson region is no longer passable, according to Ukrainian information as a result of several attacks. British secret services had previously reported about it. The Ukrainian Army Command South announced on Facebook that the bridge had been deliberately rendered unusable by rocket and artillery units.

The administration of the Russian occupiers confirmed the shelling. At the same time, she warned of damage to the dam wall, which could lead to a catastrophe. The information has not yet been independently verified.

According to the operators, the output of the connected hydroelectric power station has been reduced to emergency operation. “We are working in a very dangerous mode,” said the power plant’s deputy chief Arseny Zelensky, according to the Russian state news agency TASS. The state television channel RT reported regular shelling of the bridge over the ship canal and the dam itself.

Supplies for Russians should be prevented

Since the beginning of the war of aggression against the neighboring country at the end of February, Russia has largely conquered the southern Ukrainian region of Cherson on the lower reaches of the Dnipro River. The Ukrainian army is now trying to destroy the only three river crossings there using long-range missile systems. This is intended to prevent the Russian army from being replenished on the right bank and to enable recapture.

The Ukrainians had previously rendered the railway bridge and the road bridge at Cherson unusable. Therefore, the Russian troops built a ferry service for civilians across the river, which is about one kilometer wide, and according to reports also several pontoon bridges for the military.

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