Ukrainians fleeing occupied Kherson allowed to cross the Dnieper

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KYIV (Reuters) – Officials in the part of the Kherson region recently liberated by the Ukrainian army announced on Saturday that they were temporarily allowing their compatriots living in the area still occupied by Russia to cross the Dnieper to escape the intensification fights.

Yaroslav Yanouchevitch, the governor of the region specified that the crossings by boat would be authorized until Monday, provided that these take place during the day and in a specified place.

“The evacuations are necessary due to a possible intensification of fighting in the region,” he wrote on his Telegram account.

After liberating the city of Kherson on November 11, the Ukrainian army makes no secret of its intention to launch a new military offensive in an attempt to retake the part of Kherson and the neighboring region of Zaporijjia which are under Russian control.

Violent exchanges of artillery have taken place in recent days from one bank to the other of the Dnieper.

(Written by Dan Peleschuk, French version Tangi Salaün)

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