Ulla Kock am Brink: She talks about her father's cancer death

All celebrity news of the day in the Brigitte ticker: Ulla Kock am Brink: The presenter speaks about her father's cancer death +++ Elizabeth Hurley: The model poses almost naked in the snow +++ Caroline Beil shows a youth photo that has never been seen before.

Celebrity news of the day in the Brigitte ticker

January 27, 2021

Ulla Kock am Brink: The presenter speaks about her father's cancer death

Ulla Kock am Brink, 59, draws attention to an important topic! Together with 15 other celebrities – seven women and eight men – she drops the covers in the new VOX program "Showtime of my Life – Stars against Cancer". The aim of the format: to draw attention to the prevention of breast, prostate and testicular cancer. Moderator Ulla Kock am Brink has a personal connection to the topic: She lost two family members to cancer – including her father.

The 59-year-old spoke to "Bunte" about her painful loss: "The much too early death of my beloved father" left a large void in her life and is "persistently painful to this day." At the time she was 27, her father 63 years old. Four years ago she lost her brother-in-law to cancer. "Dad had colon cancer, Peter had pancreatic cancer. At least with my father, I know that he would have had a real chance of survival if he had gone to the doctor in time," she continued. For this reason, she now regularly goes to colon cancer screening.

With her participation in "Showtime of my Life – Stars against Cancer" she wants to encourage other people to do just that. "I'm pretty scared of getting naked," she admitted. But she wants to show that it is easy to get rid of your clothes in front of the doctor when people like her can undress in front of an audience of millions.

Elizabeth Hurley (55): The model poses almost naked in the snow

What a mega body! Elizabeth Hurley is already 55 – but you can't tell from the modeling actress that she is in her mid-fifties and has a son. She regularly puts her toned body in the limelight and shows that she can easily keep up with younger women. Now the British woman is posing almost naked in the snow.

Dressed only in a fur cardigan and bikini underpants, the 55-year-old presents herself on an Instagram photo that shows her in a snow-covered winter landscape. With her tight outfit, she focuses on her long legs, her flat stomach and her breasts, which are barely covered by the jacket. "How could I resist that?" The ex- "Gossip Girl" actress wrote questioningly.

Your followers are probably happy that they couldn't resist, because in the comments they are enthusiastic about the photo. "You can't be a person", "I've been in love with you since the 90s and you're still hot" or a simple "Wow" can be read under the post.

January 26, 2021

Caroline Beil shows a never before seen youth photo

We have never seen Caroline Beil, 54, like this before! The actress and presenter rummaged through mementos from the past and came across a black and white photo from her youth. According to her own statement, she was a sweet 19 at the time of recording.

"Find of the day … here is a model photo of me from Tokyo, I was 19 then," writes Caroline Beil about the post. In the picture, the former jungle camp candidate is reminiscent of the classic 80s. Caroline Beil wears eye-catching jewelry and wavy hair. She looks seriously at the camera.

The fans are in love with shock and leave numerous heart emojis. "Awesome", "Wow so beautiful" and "A great woman for years," they rave about the article. There are even several voices that think that the ex-model is even more beautiful today than before …

January 25, 2021

Simone Thomalla: This is how the actress stays in shape

Simone Thomalla, 55, is a celebrated German television star and a welcome guest at events, but in private, Sophia Thomalla's mother, 31, stayed on the ground. As she now revealed in the "NDR Talkshow", she prefers to wear cozy clothes at home. But there is a reason why she regularly leaves them off to put on her "closest Jenas".

"My whole closet is full of joggers," said the actress on the show. However, in this context she adheres to the following rule: "You have to put on the tightest jeans at least twice a week so that it doesn't get out of hand." What a simple and ingenious trick!

At home, Simone not only wears her sweatpants to relax, but also to do sport – her partner, handball player Silvio Heinevetter, 36, takes care of that . In this context, the 55-year-old also revealed that her boyfriend would always ask her if she had already done sports because he thought that it would make you feel better.

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