Un Si Grand Soleil: a disturbing disappearance will push Claire to team up with her worst enemy

In the next episodes of Un si grand soleil, Claire will be confronted with a worrying disappearance that will force her to join forces with Hélène, her worst enemy…

Warning, this article contains many spoilers on the next episodes of Un si grand soleil. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Victor (Bertrand Farge) will cause a lot of concern to his daughter Claire (Mélanie Maudran) in the next episodes of Un si grand soleil…

It must be said that since the departure of Sofia (Marie-Clotilde Ramos-Ibáñez), the strange behavior of Victor raises questions. While Claire tries to reconnect with her father by organizing a family weekend, the latter proves to be particularly elusive.

And for good reason, Victor is hiding something. After posting a mysterious letter a few weeks earlier, the manager of the Indians will receive a strange call pushing him to hastily abandon his post at the hut.

He will then make his employees believe that he has an urgent appointment and then claim to his daughter that he is leaving for a few days to visit an old friend who is having health problems. A person that Claire obviously does not know…

In the absence of news from Victor, Claire, who feels that something worrying is going on, will therefore question those around her to shed light on this strange disappearance. But to achieve this, she will above all have to overcome her resentment to team up with the one she fears the most…

Indeed, Claire will have to join forces with Hélène (Sophie Le Tellier), her worst enemy, to find her father. What to announce rather tense episodes.


If Hélène will be happy to see her former friend again, this is not at all the case for Claire who is still suspicious of the one who drugged and kidnapped her.

On this subject, Mélanie Maudran, the interpreter of Claire, declared in an interview granted to the magazine Télé Poche: “She tells herself all the same that if she is involved in Victor’s disappearance it is better that she have him in her sights. This is the reason why, when Hélène offers her to team up to find him, she is flabbergasted but she accepts.“.

An investigation which could also take them beyond our borders. According to the actress,these two are going to go through a lot of emotions. We were very lucky, because it allowed us to evolve in new settings, to experience the new studio in green screen for our road trip which is supposed to take us to Spain, and to play lots of nuances in our relationship.“.

Even if this experience was particularly rewarding for Mélanie Maudran and Sophie Le Tellier, this plot especially allowed the interpreter of Hélène “to inject new things” in the construction of his character.

According to her, “the betrayal of Christian (Nils Ohlund) reopened a breach. She will also realize that in Victor’s disappearance everything converges towards this ex on whom she absolutely wants revenge.“.

To help Victor and find him, Hélène and Claire will therefore have to put their differences aside. If everything suggests that they will succeed in finding common ground, Hélène could however reveal a “totally messy behavior” according to the official synopses released by the channel. And to advance in its investigation, it will not hesitate to “[adopter] a much more brutal technique“.

What could Victor be hiding? Will Hélène and Claire manage to find him before it’s too late? Answer soon in Such a big sun!

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