Un Si Grand Soleil: Akim will “lose his means” according to Aïssam Medhem

In the next episodes of the daily series, the broadcast of which is currently suspended due to the electoral campaign, a drama will rock Akim by reminding him of a trauma…

Political agenda obliges in this electoral period, the soap opera of France 2 Un Si Grand Soleil is currently deprogrammed from the channel until April 12 to make way for presidential campaign spots.

To console the fans, France Télévisions has posted three new episodes available free of charge on the site. france⋅tvas well as a behind-the-scenes documentary on the soap opera’s production.

After a first part published on April 2, the second, available this Saturday April 9, takes us into the mysteries of the Martigues studio, highlighting the directors, technicians and VFX managers, sets and costumes whose combined talents bring the series to life.

On the side of the interpreters, not stingy in confidences on the future great intrigue of the series, Malya Roman says more about the shooting scene which will put Elise in danger, while she and Akim (Aïssam Medhem) try to stop Gaëlle (Hélène Degy) and her fellow prisoner Pauline (Perrine Tourneux) at the time of their escape from prison. Hit in the chest, the young cop collapses.

Right before that, she’s tired of making rounds at night, and she hates it. And above all, she can’t take care of her child or see her wife, so she’s quite stressed and upset. Wasn’t all this written somewhere, didn’t all these things lead to this tragic ending? Who knows…“, suggests the actress, making a sign to keep her mouth shut on the rest of the events.

The excerpts broadcast in the documentary suggest that Elise risks being mortally wounded by Pauline’s shot, since we discover her lying unconscious on the ground, before seeing a brief sequence in which her wife Sofia (Marie-Clotilde Ramos Ibañez) runs through the halls of the hospital, looking distraught.

When you have something strong enough to play, it’s always exciting for the actor. But afterwards, if that means that his character dies… When you don’t know what’s going to happen, it’s both at the same time, a lot of apprehension and a lot of excitement. I can’t say anything more” she declares.

When Akim sees this, he has a real emotional shock, and afterwards, a loss of resources.“, continues Aïssam Medhem, whose character will be a direct witness of the scene. “He will find himself paralyzed by two things: already, he is young in the profession, and when you have never been confronted with this kind of situation, it’s like everything, you can lose your means because of shock, fear , stress…

The second point“, he continues, “it is the trauma he experienced with a bullet in the skull, as a civilian this time. It was perhaps even worse because as a police officer you prepare to live this kind of thing, but as a civilian not at all. It reminded him of his drama, I think” he analyzes, referring to the past plot in which Akim narrowly escaped death after a stray bullet which had left him with serious consequences, and whose care had made him addicted to painkillers.

For Malya Roman, “Elise thinks above all of her daughter. If she is no longer there for her, it would be her greatest regret to have continued to do this job which is dangerous knowing full well that now she was responsible for a child. It changes things.

But also, the painful failure of having been had. “You always think you’re the one who’s going to shoot first, who’s going to get away with it… Life can take a tragic turn any second. But in my opinion, the first thought she has is that she must not stay there for Charlie.” she concludes.

Gaëlle, for her part, does not know if this escape will work, and will find herself facing the unknown according to her interpreter. “It was a bit of a descent into hell“, analyzes Hélène Degy. “She has been doing everything for a few years to be impeccable, that she is not blamed for anything, that she accumulates the good points. And when she was denied what she hoped for, that little hope was extinguished. And even Alex, to whom she held out her hand, slams the door in her face. She has nothing more to lose.

Un Si Grand Soleil will be back from Tuesday April 12 at 8:45 p.m. on France 2.

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