“Un si grand soleil”: behind the scenes of France 2’s flagship series

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THE LETTER OF THE SERIES. Based in Montpellier, the daily series has made it possible to develop a one-of-a-kind studio. There is talk of a “little Hollywood from Hérault”.

By Caroline Douteau

Nadia Fossier, Fred Bianconi and Chrystelle Labaude
© Fabien MALOT / © Fabien MALOT – FTV

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Lhe costume preparation room sets the tone. More than 100m2 organized in a maze of racks. “And these are just the winter outfits of the forty actors filming for the coming month,” says Mayalène. All year round, from Monday to Friday, the young costume designer, who works for the phenomenon soap opera of France 2, such a big sun, receives the outfits from the day before, washes, dries, smoothes and puts them back on a hanger for the four film sets the next day. The schedule is to be respected to the minute – and to the creases. “It’s a big, well-oiled machine, which can be scary at first, but we are very well trained and we adapt to the rhythm,” she adds. A rhythm that you really become aware of when entering the holy of holies, the storage of costumes…

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