Un Si Grand Soleil: Did Christian manipulate Alix and Hélène?

Did Christian manipulate Alix and Hélène in Un si grand soleil? In any case, this is what an extract revealed by France 2 suggests.

Warning, this article contains many spoilers on the next episodes of Un si grand soleil. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on.

Could this ultimately be the story of the sprinkler sprinkled in Un si grand soleil?

For some time now, Alix (Nadia Fossier) and Hélène (Sophie Le Tellier) have stopped at nothing to make their gallery work and pocket a nice jackpot in the process. While the discovery of the mysterious painter Definod upsets the art world, the two friends pursue their schemes more than ever to achieve their ends.

Between false paintings, false correspondence or even false death certificates, they do everything to prove the existence of Emmanuel Definod and thus attract buyers.

While beginning a relationship with Hélène, Christian Peyrac (Nils Ohlund), a passionate art dealer, soon expresses his interest. Enthralled by the paintings of the mysterious painter who exceed all his expectations but above all delighted to write a page in the history of art, Christian will pay 500,000 euros to acquire these works during the next episodes of the daily soap opera of France 2 .

A well-conducted scam that will allow Alix and Hélène to receive a very nice sum. But is it really a masterstroke? Not so sure.

Obviously, Hélène and Alix will manage to scam Christian and get a big jackpot. However, the tide will unfortunately turn around and Alix will be in big trouble. For what ? I can’t tell you that.“, recently confided Nadia Fossier, the interpreter of Alix, to our microphone.

Indeed, Christian hides his game well from the beginning and seems to have used Alix and Hélène to make money.

In a new excerpt available on the France.tv platformChristian is on the phone with his associate and claims that everything went according to plan.

I assured like never before. I’m a genius man.“, he launches before continuing, “The paintings will be at the gallery during the week.”. An announcement that clearly delights his interlocutor who is already touched “a bundle of money“.

And if Christian does not hide his joy either, he is above all proud to have achieved his ends. “The most magnificent thing is that they suspected nothing. The two b*****s.”

How will Hélène and Alix react when they discover that they have been duped? What exactly is Peyrac’s plan for the sequel? The answers will follow in the sequel to Un si grand soleil.

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