Un Si Grand Soleil: “I think of you all the time”… Yann and Johanna are getting back together!

Will Johanna and Yann give their story a second chance? In any case, this is what a new extract from Un si grand soleil unveiled by France 2 suggests.

Warning, this article contains many spoilers on the next episodes of Un Si Grand Soleil. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

In the midst of turmoil following the Machiavellian plan of Claudine (Catherine Wilkening), Johanna (Aurore Delplace) could see the sky clear up on the heart side during the next episodes of Un si grand soleil.

After weeks of waging war, Yann (Constantin Balsan) and Johanna are finally going to wipe the slate clean to give themselves a second chance. Obviously good news for fans of these characters.

In a new excerpt available on the france.tv platform, Yann finds Johanna at the exit of the police station. Their relationship may still be strained, but Lieutenant Cross can’t help worrying about the lawyer. When she sends him for a walk, Yann takes his courage in both hands and opens his heart to him.

I was really dumb. I don’t like having these shitty reports. And you want me to tell you the truth? Why is it so hard to say… I think about you all the time. I care for you”he launches feverishly.

A statement that does not leave Johanna insensitive, to the point that they will spend the night together. In each other’s arms, Yann and Johanna are on a little cloud and are particularly complicit.

I miss you, you know“, says Yann. Although they have not shared much apart from shouting matches, the policeman tells him how sad it made him that they act as if they did not know each other. A real “mess” according to him.

With their respective professions, other disputes will be on the horizon, but Johanna is certain that they will manage to sort things out. For his part, Yann is delighted at the idea of ​​no longer needing an excuse to see her. The couple then exchange a passionate kiss sounding like the promise of a bright future.

Yann and Johanna will have taken a long, very long time to get started, but they now have all the ingredients to quickly assert themselves as a leading couple in Un si grand soleil.

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