Un si grand soleil (spoilers): broken heart, arrest, new couples… the complete summary of the special evening of August 10

Third and last bonus of the summer for Un si grand soleil on France 2, which broadcasts this Wednesday, August 10, 6 episodes in a row from 8:45 p.m. And Télé Star already gives you a good overview.

This Wednesday August 10 in Un si grand soleil, France 2 broadcast six episodes in a row from 8:45 p.m. It is therefore a great soap opera evening that awaits viewers, with many twists and turns.

Will Jacques come out of the coma?

At the hospital, Janet (Tonya Kinzinger) explains to Marc (César Méric) that while his father’s internal bleeding is under control, Jacques (Olivier Pages) is still in a coma because of his head trauma, and it is impossible for them for the moment to know when, and if, he will wake up. When Marc announces this to his son, Louis (Sylvain Boccara) once again gets angry with his father and his partner, blaming them for his grandfather’s suicide attempt. Léonor (Maéva Pasquali) arrives and tries to reassure Marc, Louis will eventually calm down. The teenager’s mother then goes to visit Jacques and, guilty, apologizes for having reported him to the police and for taking revenge on Marc by using him. On his side, Marc takes over his father’s business until he gets better and learns that his financial situation is very bad. Jacques owes a lot of money, and Marc may be forced to sell his father’s land to pay off his creditors. Finally Louis is put in his place by Kira (Coline Ramos-Pinto) who points out that he acts like a kid and exaggerates everything. In these difficult times, the family should stick together and not blame each other. When Marc returns to see Louis, the young man has calmed down and apologizes to his father. He adds, however, that he still wants Myriam (Pauline Paolini)…

Alain rejects Claudine

At Elisabeth (Chrystelle Labaude) and Alain (Frédéric van den Driessche), the atmosphere is settling scores. The doctor realizes that his companion is bothered, and Elisabeth therefore explains to him that his disagreements with Myriam – whom she considers to be her daughter – cause her pain. Alain tries somehow to make Elisabeth understand that Myriam is going through a complicated period, but she remains angry. Furthermore, the affair around the Blamont accident is progressing and an agreement is reached between lawyers to get their clients to withdraw their complaints. Only Blamont wants Alphand to cover half of his legal costs, which is unthinkable for Me Claudine Becker (Catherine Wilkening). The latter therefore refuses but Blamont counter-attacks with a so-called witness to the accident who allows them to bluff.

When Claudine announces to Alain that the affair is not over, the latter shows his fed up, especially since he must now provide proof of integrity. When he brings them to his lawyer at the end of the day, Claudine decides to take the plunge and confess to the doctor that she finds him very attractive. Reckless, she slips onto Doctor Alphand’s lap before leaning towards him to kiss him. After a moment of hesitation, Alain pushes her away and leaves to go find Elisabeth in the restaurant, who sees clearly that his head is elsewhere. The next day, Alain decides to tell Elisabeth everything and promises her that nothing has happened and that he is ready to drop the charges and pay Blamont to be quiet. Reassembled against Me Becker, Elisabeth goes to say a few words to her in her office to warn her against her attempts to steal her companion. Elisabeth points out Claudine’s immature and ridiculous behavior who, later, announces his failure to Alix (Nadia Fossier). For his part, Alain talks about the whole story to Clément (Yvon Back), who knows what Claudine is capable of. But it is Elisabeth that Alain is in love with, as he repeats to her shortly after. Despite their feelings, that doesn’t prevent the couple from having some disagreements, especially about Myriam and the dose of compassion to show towards her since Jacques’ accident…

Rémi is trapped and Noémie rejects Akim

The same day, Akim (Aïssam Medhem) continues to get closer to Noémie (Lucile Krier) who takes him on a horseback ride. This walk creates a certain intimacy between the two young people who end up kissing and sleeping together in the shelter of a haystack. The lovers spend the weekend together before Akim comes by to see his brother at the roommate. He tells her that he got closer to Noémie and is overheard by Ludo (Folco Marchi), who does not fail to make a few disparaging remarks. Bilal (Malik Elakehal El Miliani) is caught in the crossfire and seems to guess that Ludo still has feelings for Noémie despite his history with Jade (Shemss Audat).

Noémie works more and more with Rémi (Samuel Allain Abitbol), to the point that they do not see the time passing and that she drops him off late with Baptiste, her supervisor. The latter does not fail to make the remark to Baptiste although Noémie points out that it is his own fault if they are late. Rémi gets to work and talks with Noah, his client’s son, who offers him a game of video games when he’s finished. The two young men then tease each other and Rémi ends up in the plants of his boss. This annoys him and later, when his client passes through the garden, she sees Rémi kicking the plants. She scolds him and Rémi leaves the garden and goes to isolate himself on the beach. At nightfall, a silhouette goes to Noah and his mother’s house and sets fire to crates just outside the front door. When she is questioned by Akim and Manu (Moïse Santamaria), Noah’s mother explains that she had a clash with Rémi but that she does not think it is linked to the fire, and neither does Noah. The young worker is still summoned to the police station for questioning.

Rémi’s interrogation gives nothing new and the young man’s father tries to reassure him when they leave the police station, Rémi being worried about Noah after the fire. When Akim calls Noémie to tell her that Rémi is a potential suspect, she can’t believe it and begs her boyfriend to be nice to Rémi, who has Down’s syndrome. The situation changes when Noah admits to the police that he also saw Rémi come home in the evening, with two canisters of flammable weedkiller in his hands. Yet despite these elements, the investigators had a hard time believing that Rémi could have organized all this and premeditated a fire because of a simple clash with his client. They are still forced to bring him back to the police station, under the dumbfounded eyes of Noémie who gets angry with Akim when the couple finds two cans of weedkillers hidden under the hay.

With this new evidence, Rémi is indicted but Manu still thinks someone is trying to trap him. For his part, Akim regrets that this story caused an argument with Noémie and therefore decides to go see her to discuss. But the young woman refuses to listen to him and does not want to see him for the moment. Annoyed, Akim continues to work on the investigation hoping to quickly prove that Rémi is innocent in order to be able to reconcile with Noémie. And precisely, a new track is discovered when Elise informs the investigators that Baptiste, Rémi’s boss, went to the scene of the fire. They then learn that Baptiste has already been the subject of a harassment complaint from his ex-wife… Meanwhile, Rémi is walking around and trying to take his mind off things,

Maryline is in love and forgets about Gary

At the campsite, Gary (Alban Aumard) is disappointed to see that his mother forgot his birthday and finally thinks that she has prepared a surprise party for him at his apartment and that is the reason why she asks him to pick up his laundry. Only he is not, and it is when he returns to the campsite that Gary discovers that Enric (Julien Masdoua) and Inès (Maéva El Aroussi) have organized a party for him. Although very touched by this attention, Gary explains to his daughter that he is worried about her grandmother, who seemed to have her mind elsewhere on the phone and has memory problems. This is also what Ludo and Bilal think, who discover that Maryline has even gone to bed on the evening of her son’s birthday.

Worried, Gary takes matters into his own hands and decides to follow Maryline when she once again refuses to see her family. Arrived at the apartment, he follows his mother discreetly and sees her go into a neurology practice. Ready to imagine the worst, Gary barely has time to worry when he sees his mother come out on a doctor’s arm and kiss him. In shock, he returns to the campsite, refuses to speak to Inès about it and shares his fears with Enric: he does not want a man to take advantage of his mother’s kindness to strip her of all her possessions.

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