Un si grand soleil (spoilers): discover the complete summary of the special evening of August 3

On Wednesday August 3, 2022, France 2 offers a special evening Un si grand soleil, with the broadcast of six episodes from 8:45 p.m. Thanks to Télé Star, discover the complete summary of this prime event.

In the special evening such a big sun Wednesday August 3, 2022 (8:45 p.m., France 2), at the post, Enzo (Téïlo Azaïs) is received by Manu (Moïse Santamaria) and discovers everything that Aurore has done behind her back. He is upset, his heart is broken. Florent (Fabrice Deville) tries to comfort him but he rejects his father. He considers him to be responsible for this death. Enzo takes refuge with his mother. He remains completely turned on and refuses to admit that Aurore did not love him. Carole learns that she must remain far from Montpellier and discreet until the dismantling of the entire network of traffickers. It could take years. She can nevertheless tell Gary (Alban Aumard) that she is alive… and bid him farewell. He is relieved and very sad at the same time. On his side, Kira (Coline Ramos-Pinto) sees Louis to be close to a young girl and that displeases him very much.

At the house of Jade (Shemss Audat), Ludo (Folco Marchi) has fun dressing up with the young woman’s clothes and wigs, without knowing that these are her work tools… little his good humor. Ludo informs her that he doesn’t want to know anything about her “job” or use her stolen money, directly or indirectly. He doesn’t want to be in a serious relationship with her under these conditions. Jade thinks about maybe quitting. At the police station, Akim (Aïssam Medhem) looks at the photos of Jade made up, her face reminds her of someone. In the evening, he goes to have a drink at the roommate and sees Ludo with the burglar. He recognizes her immediately but says nothing at the time. He discusses it with Elise (Malya Roman) the next day, they will try to have her identified by witnesses. Seeing a snapshot of Jade au natural, Jacques is not sure he recognizes her. The main interested party confides to Julie (Sophie Staub) that she wants to settle down while Becker (Yvon Back) is going to place her on the phone following Akim’s report. Jade’s sidekick calls her to leave Montpellier but she refuses to follow him, she wants to give herself a real chance with Ludo, notably by finding a job.

Eleonore takes revenge on Marc by hurting Jacques in Un si grand soleil

James try to convince Laetitia (Shirley Bousquet) to grant him a loan but it looks difficult. He goes to see Myriam (Pauline Paolini) to increase his order with L Cosmétiques. She discusses it with Elizabeth (Chrystelle Labaude) who opposes it. Laetitia offers Jacques to sell, he immediately refuses. He secretly decides to falsify documents to easily obtain a loan. It works, Laetitia gives him the money without realizing the trap. Myriam and Marc continue to try for a baby. Louis sees a pregnancy test in the trash. He informs them that he fully supports them in this project. Louis talks about this with Kira, Eléonore hears them and sees it very badly. She goes off to ask Marc for an explanation and reminds him that they separated because he didn’t want to have another child with her. Eléonore is bruised. Marc reports everything to Myriam who advises him to be more understanding towards his ex who still hasn’t rebuilt his life. In the evening, Éléonore sends an anonymous email to Laetitia and informs her of Jacques’ fraud.

Victor defends Hélène in Un si grand soleil

Victor (Bertrand Farge) is under the spell ofHelen (Sophie Le Tellier) but has not heard from her. At the hospital, she demands to change departments because of Clear (Melanie Maudran). Janet (Tonya Kinzinger) goes in his direction. Victor goes to see Claire at work. She shows him Hélène from afar, explaining to him that it was she who put him through hell. Victor is livid. He will talk to her. Hélène expresses all her regrets about Claire. According to him, she was not responsible for his actions. They agree not to see each other again. During the day, Claire sees her father again and tells him that Hélène is changing jobs. She is relieved, Victor defends Hélène and explains to Claire that he met her by chance. She gets angry, she feels that her father is questioning the trauma she has experienced. Claire confronts Hélène and accuses her of wanting to ruin her life. At the end, the latter orders him to stop his permanent accusations. Hélène leaves to let off steam at the gym and explains the whole situation to Alex (Nadia Fossier) vis-à-vis Claire and Victor. She encourages him to see him again… and she complies. They come close to kissing but hold back.

Alain enlists the services of Claudine in Un si grand soleil

Blamont gets hurt at the campsite. In parallel, Alain (Frédéric van den Driessche) forgets the anniversary of his meeting with Elisabeth. Distracted on the road, he almost crashes into Blamont crossing the street to go to the doctor. He then pretends to have been hit by the vehicle and is obnoxious. Alain wants to help him but gets kicked out. He leaves and Blamont takes the opportunity to take a picture of his license plate to make it look like a hit-and-run! He goes to the office of Serge (Laurent Frattale), the lawyer intends to help him to make Alain pay. The doctor is summoned to the police station because Blamont has filed a complaint against him. He understands that it is a scam, he would like Florent to represent him. He is absent at the office but Claudine (Catherine Wilkening) is there and offers him her services. He accepts but is not very comfortable because she had flirted with him a few weeks ago. Elisabeth learns that Alain is going to be helped by Claudine and this prospect does not delight him at all.To be continued in Such a big sun…

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