Un Si Grand Soleil: who really killed Philippe? We have the answer

As the investigation into Philippe’s death progresses, a culprit emerges in Un si grand soleil. But who, Anne or Arnaud, killed him?

Warning, this article contains many spoilers on the next episodes of Un si grand soleil. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read what follows!

The Montpellier police have their work cut out for them in Un si grand soleil.

Indeed, the investigation into the death of Philippe (Raphaël Almosni) is giving them a lot of trouble. Even if the first elements allowed investigators to arrest Laurent Bordet for his involvement in the burglary which cost Philippe’s life, the spotlight quickly turned to Anne (Anaïs Gilbert).

It must be said that the police discovered spyware in Philippe’s phone as well as an email in which the deceased intended to disinherit his wife to make his son his sole heir. Enough to make Anne the ideal culprit and send her directly to prison.

If everything suggests that Anne wanted to get rid of her husband to receive the inheritance, the latter could however have been the victim of a frame-up…

The culprit is revealed

In a new extract available on the france.tv platform, Arnaud (Paul Comerieux) asks Cédric to calm down. “Thaïs is wary of you“, he told him to continue, “Make an effort on this otherwise we’ll end up getting burned. So you stop the provocation“.

Shortly after, Arnaud announces good news to his friend. Indeed, the young man has just received a call from his lawyer who told him that Anne has been imprisoned. It is therefore with a smile on his lips that Arnaud says, “That’s it, everything is going exactly as planned“.

From these words, we therefore understand that Arnaud and Cédric have indeed plotted to recover Philippe’s inheritance while having Anne accused of his murder.

Arnaud soon to be unmasked?

The answer is obviously yes. In the next episodes of the daily France 2 soap opera, an element linked to Cédric will alert Thaïs. By reporting her suspicions to the police, the young woman does not imagine for a single moment that she is throwing herself into the den of the wolf.

Far from suspecting that he is linked to this story, Thaïs will then confide in Arnaud and Cédric will then order his friend to get rid of her.

While Thaïs’ life seems more in danger than ever, the police will fortunately discover the truth before something bad happens. Indeed, according to the official synopses revealed by the channel, “Philippe’s murderer is finally unmasked“. At the same time, Cédric “confesses and the ultimate confrontation between Arnaud and Anne promises to be trying“.

But why did Arnaud kill his father? Is it just for the money? Answer soon in Un si grand soleil.

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