Un Si Grand Soleil: Will Manu kill Régis Tresson? The extract that sows doubt!

While the investigation into Mélissa’s death continues to give the Montpellier police a hard time, Manu could well commit irreparable harm during the next episodes of “Un si grand soleil”.

Warning, this article contains spoilers on the next episodes of Un si grand soleil. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

The investigation into the murder of Mélissa (Hermine Granville) continues to give Montpellier police a hard time in Un si grand soleil.

Convinced that Régis Tresson (Cyril de la Morandière) is behind the gang rape of Mélissa and those of other young women, Manu (Moïse Santamaria) and Aya (Priska Peraste) do everything they can to catch him.

However, Tresson has so far proved to be as clever as he is untouchable. Indeed, the latter has secured his back with unassailable contracts, thereby preventing him from having any problems with the law.

Something to make Manu angry. Already tense and stressed by this investigation, he could well slip and at the same time put his career in danger during the next episodes of the daily soap opera of France 2.

In a new excerpt available on the France.tv platform, Manu and Aya go to Tresson. Not having enough evidence to catch him, the police bring his belongings back to his office.

You’re doing fine this time but it’s not final” then warns Manu before throwing, “there are girls who will complain. I’m sure.”.

As he feels untouchable, Tresson obviously jumps at the chance to provoke Manu and push him to the limit. In addition, Régis is certain that there will always be men to assume the fantasies of women and that the latter will be happy to satisfy them.

It shocks your little papa poule morality, but it’s the truth. Women love being dominated and pretending not to like it. Your daughter will not escape the rule.“, he continues.

Too many words for Manu who presses his face against the desk while pointing his gun at his neck. “How do you talk about my daughter“, he yells. “The papa poule is not going to let you go, you hear. I’m not going to let you go. Where are you talking about my daughter?

Immediately, Aya intervenes and orders Manu to leave. However, the two police officers are unaware that hidden cameras in Tresson’s office are filming the scene.

In other words, this moment of bewilderment risks costing Captain Léoni dearly. And for good reason, Régis Tresson will mysteriously disappear without leaving a trace in the rest of the daily life. Only a drop of blood will be found in his office…

Did Manu kill Tresson? Unless maybe someone else took care of it… The next revelations of Un si grand soleil promise to be thrilling!

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