“Un tube”, the breakup song written by Pierre makes teachers cry

This Wednesday, January 31, 2024 marked the last evaluations of the Star Academy 2023 class. If the two finalists presented themselves in front of their teachers, Pierre’s evaluation particularly touched two of his teachers who were moved to tears.

The final of the star Academy fast approaching! Just over 48 hours separate Julien and Pierre from the announcement of the big winner of the 2023 class. After a very busy start to the week, including a first evening surrounded by their teachers the day after Héléna’s elimination. It was then Julien who went to his village near Pau, Monday January 29, followed by Pierre’s visit to Villedieu-les-Poêles, Tuesday January 30. Wednesday saw the arrival of the former eliminated candidates as well as the evaluations of the two finalists.

It was in front of four of their teachers, Michael Goldman, Cécile Chaduteau, Pierre de Brauer and Adeline Toniutti that Julien and Pierre gave everything to finish this season in style. So, this evaluation was the scene of a nice settling of scores between Adeline Toniutti, vocal coach and the director of promotion Michael Goldman, Héléna’s accomplice who questioned her behavior after her return to the castle , moved some of his teachers to tears by performing his own title.

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Touched to the heart by Pierre’s interpretation

For this last evaluation, Pierre chose to perform one of his own titles entitled Those we were which traces the separation of the 21-year-old young man from his ex-girlfriend. As he sings the lyrics: “I know that you will go elsewhere to get a little of what I didn’t give you. I’m going to keep the best of what we were. And it doesn’t matter if you go get a little of what I didn’t give you », Cécile Chaduteau and Adeline Toniutti are moved to tears.

An incredible and moving interpretation that Cécile Chaduteau couldn’t help but comment at the end of the evaluation: “Why did she leave? She’s crazy!“, she said to a somewhat uncomfortable Pierre before then adding: “Leave me alone. You succeeded ? You are happy ? (…) I try to be humorous otherwise I will cry.”A piece which undoubtedly risks being a real hit if the young man decides to release it as many fans of the program think.

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