Unauthorized demo in Aarau – violence against the police: Corona demonstrators sentenced – News

  • The Aarau district court sentenced four demo participants to conditional fines and fines.
  • On May 8, 2021 there was an unauthorized demonstration by corona skeptics in Aarau.
  • Around 1500 people were on site. There were clashes with the police.
  • On Tuesday, four demo participants stood before the Aarau district court for violence against police officers.
  • The mood during the demo was more aggressive than usual. That’s what the police said after the rally. She deliberately refrained from violent dissolution. There were confrontations between police and demonstrators. The police prevented a large deployment with a large-scale operation and the control of the access roads. At that time, she issued more than 180 directions.


Demo in Aarau: During the corona pandemic, gatherings of people without wearing masks were prohibited. On May 8, 2021, around 1,500 critics of the measures marched through the city of Aarau.

Keystone/Ennio Leanza

Four men who were on trial on Tuesday were convicted of violence and threats against authorities and officials after the demonstration. Three men are from the canton of Zurich and one man from Aargau. They had lodged an objection to the penal orders of the chief public prosecutor’s office and went before the district court.

tumultuous scenes

The four were part of a group of seven people. They used physical violence against police officers, the senior public prosecutor wrote in the indictment. An opponent of the measure was expelled from the city by the police at the time, but later took part in the demonstration. When the police wanted to arrest him, he was violently “freed” by several sympathizers, members of the group of seven.

There was talk of tumultuous scenes in court on Tuesday. The main suspect hit a police officer in the head with his fist. Another attacked a police officer.

Not all testified in court

The four men (between 33 and 43 years old) are sticking to their objection, as they said in court. Some refused to testify, others complained that the police officers had not identified themselves. One thought he was frightened when armed people attacked unarmed people. Another said the system had failed.

Man is taken away by the police


Aggressive mood: There were clashes with the police. Four participants in the demonstration in Aarau were convicted of violence against the police.

Keystone/Ennio Leanza

Several police officers followed the process in Aarau. For the single judge, the case was clear: the four men are guilty. The facts are fulfilled, there is no reason to attack police officers like this. The potential for violence was “high”.

move announced

The hearing lasted only 20 minutes. During the opening and justification of the verdicts, the single judge had to call on the angry men to calm down several times.

She sentenced two men to a conditional fine of 160 days each and one man to a conditional fine of 40 daily rates. The fourth man received an unconditional fine of 60 daily rates due to previous convictions. Three convicts also have to pay fines of CHF 300 and CHF 2,200 respectively.

The verdict is not yet legally binding. It can be moved on to the next higher authority. The four men have already announced this to SRF.

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