Uncharted the Film: when cinema travels to (far too) well-known lands – Actu

What, movies in my Gamekult?” Well yes. It will not have escaped you that, like the merchandising with all the wind, the video game has become a bottomless trunk in which all the studios come to dig. Evidenced by the news that beats daily to the rhythm of adaptations of JV on small and big screen, on VOD as in dark rooms, from Cuphead at BioShock. A just return of things as the video game continues to live under infusion of peloche – finally digital files, let’s correct the reflexes of boomers.

In addition to 24 FPS, Papa and MrMeeea’s cult show which explores the major themes between JV and the 7th art, you will now find reviews related to the news of releases in our column Game and Watch. the twist final being to weave the links, to build the bridges, in short, to connect the dots, between the adaptation and the original material, and to gauge the filmic objects in the light of their ludic borrowings. A great sentence full of -ics to say that we will check if the game universe is well respected, or if jobbers have mainly used the license as a doormat. Opening of the ball with Firost, also a film critic in his spare time, on the latest blockbuster of the moment, Uncharted the film.

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