Under pressure from human lawyers, artificial intelligence will finally not be able to plead

Samir Rahmoun

January 28, 2023 at 5:00 p.m.


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The AI ​​that was to play the role of a lawyer will ultimately not be able to be used in court

The start-up DoNotPay will not finally offer its artificial intelligence to play the role of the lawyer. Several state bars told her that she could be prosecuted if she attempted this operation.

6 months in prison because of the AI?

That was a little over two weeks ago. The start-up DoNotPay, which is developing a chatbot specializing in legal services, announced that its AI would for the first time be able to plead before a court of law. The case was that of a violation of the Highway Code, which the accused would defend alone, accompanied by his smartphone where the artificial intelligence would have been installed.

Unfortunately, the American company has just revealed that it was canceling its project, after being warned by the legal authorities. ” After receiving threats from state bar prosecutors, it seems likely that they will put me in jail for 6 months if I go through with my plan to bring a robo lawyer into a courtroom. physical hearing “explained CEO Joshua Browder.

An illegal exercise of the law?

It must be said that the amazing idea of ​​the tech company had created a stir in the world of American lawyers. Joshua Browder explained that DoNotPay had received so many letters on the subject that it became a kind of ” distraction “. And most importantly, the company could have been convicted of unlawful practice of law, which in some states results in a 6 month prison sentence.

A good for a bad? The chatbot supposed to play the role of lawyer is based on ChatGPT technology, which is currently far from infallible. It will surely still be necessary to wait before an AI can replace the black dresses. In the meantime, DoNotPay wants to focus its efforts on consumer rights, whose cases can be handled entirely online.

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