UNDERDOGS: fight real mechs in sight, trailer and images to get an idea

UNDERDOGS is a futuristic physics-based fighting game set in the 22nd century robot battle capital of the world, New Brakka. Enter the famous fighting pits of New Brakka in your Gorilla Mech five tons and get ready to smash, punch and smash your way through all the enemies the pitmasters throw you. Win and you can upgrade your robot to be even more formidable – equip yourself with over 100 items, including power tools like chainsaws and wrecking balls.

Lock yourself in 5 tons of metal and attack a dark scene of underground combat!

Punch, smash, maim and rip through enemy bots and mechs, it’s full of metal-on-metal violence in this first of its kind physics-based mech brawler. But going wild in the pits isn’t everything, it’s a roguelike.

Equip yourself with over 100 items, including power tools like chainsaws and wrecking balls, hire pirates and saboteurs, hustle and deal with the gangsters and psychopaths running around these streets as you blast your way through the streets. way up the food chain.

This town is a spectacle of dog-eating dogs, but luckily you’re not alone. Your little bruv king is in your corner – hacking at your enemies and giving you lip while you fight like a wild animal, from car-sized pit bots out to kill you to the deafening roars of bloodthirsty mobs.

This is New Brakka, the mech combat capital of the world. It’s UNDERDOGS. Welcome to the jungle.

Here are some images provided by One Hamsathe development studio:


UNDERDOGS does not yet have a release date and it is announced for 2024.

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