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A team of speleologists went to Cagnac-les Mines on Tuesday to try to find the body of Delphine Jubillar.

Soon 10 months Delphine Jubillar remains untraceable. If since all this time, the investigation into the disappearance of the 33-year-old nurse has been ongoing, new research was carried out on Tuesday, October 5. According to the information revealed by La Dépêche du Midi, underground excavations were carried out near the home of the Jubillar couple.

A team of gendarmerie specialized in caving, and based in Oloron-Sainte-Marie (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), raked cavities in the hope of finding the body of this mother of two children. According to the newspaper, “The mining past and the hilly topography of the town, with several woods and impenetrable wasteland, make operations particularly difficult”. One reason which would justify the intervention of this unit of specialist gendarmes.

Cédric Jubillar auditioned again before the judges

Since the night of December 15 to 16, 2020, Delphine Jubillar has not given any sign of life. All the leads that could explain his disappearance are studied by the investigators in charge of the case. At the time of the facts, she was in full separation with her husband. Considered the main suspect in the disappearance of the 33-year-old nurse, Cédric Jubillar was indicted for “manslaughter of a spouse” before being placed in pre-trial detention in June 2021. Since that date, his lawyers have been increasing the number of complaints. release requests, all refused so far. On October 15, he will be heard again by the two investigating judges in charge of the case. For the time being, Delphine’s body has still not been found.

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