Underground fire – residents saw smoke rising from the manhole

The Grinzens fire department had to respond to an unusual fire on Sunday: an underground power line had caught fire, and a neighbor had raised the alarm after a power outage in his house.

On Sunday around 12.20 p.m., an underground low-voltage power line from the electricity supplier burned in the Neder district of Grinzens. A resident called the fire department after he noticed a power outage in his house and, after unsuccessfully checking his fuse box in the property and the power box on his property line, he noticed smoke coming from a sewer shaft at the level of the neighboring property. Gas pipe next to the source of the fire. He successfully fought the fire with a fire extinguisher. The local fire department immediately set up fire protection with 13 personnel, especially since there is also a gas pipe in the immediate vicinity of the fire. Electricity provider supplied the unit. The alerted emergency services for electricity and gas carried out checks and measurements on site and then gave approval. No one was injured as a result of the fire. Several residential properties are affected by the power outage. The electricity operator provided an emergency generator until the repairs were completed.
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