Underknee boots shoe trend: boots are now shorter again

Shoe trend under the knee boots
Boots are now shorter again

Bye-bye, overknees! The new under-knee boots end a few centimeters below the knee.

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The overknee trend is over – the new shaft height of boots now ends just below the knee and brings some advantages with it.

If you are still puzzled over whether you are brave enough for the overknee trend, you can now breathe a sigh of relief: There is a new boot length on the street! The provocative look of the overknees is now being replaced by the much more casual underknee boots. As the name suggests, the shaft ends a few centimeters below the knee.

Underknees go with every style

Especially in winter, boots are the perfect choice both to show your legs and to keep you warm. A practical side effect of the underknee boots: They can be combined with practically anything. In a team with a midi dress or skirt, the shoes are perfect, recommends Katharina Martin, fashion expert at Deichmann, in the shoe retailer’s “Shoe Fashion” magazine: “After the rather special overknees, the underknees are now reversing the trend: these Everyone can wear shoes and adapt them to their own style. ” And because it’s so beautiful, you can even wear it over your pants. Here, too, many styles can be combined: from skinny jeans and leggings to loose-fitting tapered trousers.

The special thing about the Underknees is their versatility: According to Weekend.at, the variant with a chunky sole is in vogue. The advantage of chunky boots: the high soles make the wearer look a few centimeters taller and visually stretch their legs, explains RTL fashion expert Tanja Comba. Alternatively, the boots can be elegantly integrated into any style with a classic heel or relaxed as a flat shoe.

A shoe for all occasions: with extra long socks

Another advantage: the shoes live from their shaft height, not from the heel. That means warm thighs and relaxed feet. If you want to go one better, combine the shoes with extra-high socks in a bright color so that they can be seen over the boot shaft. So even very simple black underknee boots with colorful socks can be optimally matched to the color of each individual outfit.

For the particularly brave: all in white

For those who don’t always want to rely on black and who dare, the non-color white is a particularly trendy alternative. Big labels like Christian Dior are leading the way. Cream tones and light brown nuances are also particularly popular now, as, among other things, “Harper’s Bazaar” shows.


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