Undic confirms a peak in contractual terminations from the age of 59

The legal retirement age leads to a peak in conventional terminations three years before, which corresponds to the duration of unemployment compensation from which the over 55s can benefit, according to a study by Undic published on its site on Wednesday.

In this study, Undic observes in 2021 a marked increase 59 years of these ruptures by mutual agreementwhich give the right to unemployment, even though the legal retirement age is 62 and those over 55 can be compensated for three years.

While 17% of the openings of the right to unemployment at age 56 are following a breakup, this figure climbs to 25% at age 59, a rate which rises to the level observed for 30-somethings, the age category the most concerned by conventional ruptures, notes Undic.

This study confirms the hypothesis that the retirement age and the rules of unemployment insurance have an impact on the strategies of companies – sometimes shared by unions and employees – to separate themselves from their seniors. In effect, in 2010, when the legal starting age was still 60, this peak was reached around 57-58.

The new unemployment insurance rules should be a game-changer

This peak should shift in the future under the effect of the new unemployment insurance rules which, since February 1, have reduced the maximum duration of compensation by 25% for new entrants to unemployment, i.e. 27 months instead of 36 for those over 55.

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The government is also favourable, in the pension reform debated in Parliament, that contractual terminations before the legal retirement age are subject to the same social lump sum of 30% as those occurring afterwards when it is not for the retirement age. instant than 20%.

According to the study, the postponement of the legal age from 60 to 62 between 2010 and 2022 a increase of 100,000 in the number of beneficiaries over 60. Among these 100,000 additional beneficiaries, 65,000 are 60 or 61 years old due to the difference in the legal age. And 20,000 are 65 or 66 years old, due to the shift in the age at which the discount is canceled (from 65 to 67 years old) and the increase in the contribution period.

Finally, the study focuses on a provision that allows, subject to conditions, to continue to be compensated by unemployment insurance beyond 3 years, until access to a full pension, at the latest at age 67. At the end of June 2022, of the 72,000 benefit recipients aged 62 or over, 21,000 are beneficiaries of this system.

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