Uni-Reform – “As if only door signs had been exchanged”

With the start of the application process for the post of rector, the discussion about the future of the university is rekindled.

In which direction should the University of Salzburg develop in the future? This is a question that all applicants for the post of principal must ponder. The application process is in full swing. Those interested can submit their documents by October 15. The incumbent Rector Hendrik Lehnert will also be there. As reported, he wants to add a second term. Rector continues to pursue his planLehnert has a clear idea of ​​where the University of Salzburg should develop – he has already implemented part of the restructuring process. There are now six faculties instead of the original four. The Faculty of Digital and Analytical Sciences is new. The university is also working on a reform of the courses. But Lehnert did not only receive praise for this. “It’s great that we have a new faculty, but sometimes it also seems as if only door signs had been replaced and the content had remained the same,” says Laura Reppmann, Chair of the ÖH, about the restructuring Rector of the University of Salzburg wishes? “It would be important for us that the new rector becomes more student-friendly, which is currently not the case in comparison to other student cities. We would also like to see more stability in the Rectorate,” says Reppmann.
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