Uniper: surrounded with the gas surcharge in Germany

( – Uniper jumped more than 6% after the announcement by Trading Hub Europe of a natural gas surcharge of 2,419 cents per kilowatt hour, intended to compensate gas importers who now have to pay very high prices on the market as a replacement for Russian gas.

“This is intended to prevent importers from becoming financially unstable, which would pose a significant risk to securing sufficient supplies of natural gas from Germany,” Commerzbank said in a reaction to the announcement.

“This tax, applicable from October 1 to April 1, 2024, will be payable monthly and may be adjusted every three months”, specifies the bank, warning that it “will probably push the German inflation rate clearly to more than 9% towards the end of the year’.

An energy operator spun off from E.ON, Uniper suffered particularly from the energy crisis linked to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict: in the space of six months, its share price fell from around 39 euros to less than seven euros at the end of last week.

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