Unisex baby names: 10 names for little trendsetters: inside

Unisex baby names
10 gender-neutral names for little trendsetters: inside

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There are far more unisex baby names out there than the common variants Kim and René. These names suit little trendsetters: inside.

When a couple is expecting a child, one of the first questions is often: Well, do you already have a name? Then again it is pointed out that one is still waiting for the gender. You can save yourself this time now. Because let’s be honest: On the one hand, gender as an identity is decided by the baby himself these days anyway and not through previous blood and ultrasound examinations. On the other hand, unisex names are all the rage – and they are also pretty rare.

So why wait for the sex to be proclaimed? There are now a lot more gender neutral names than the usual suspects. In addition to Kim, René and Uli, baby names like Alexis and Mika are gaining popularity. Especially nice: Maris, because the name means sea star.

Whereby we would also like to have another advantage of unisex names. Despite popular gender debate, gender neutral baby names are still quite rare. And for most parents-to-be, rarity plays an important role, after all in kindergarten you don’t want to startle seven children at the same time when you call out your own name.

So there are several reasons for a gender neutral name. Here are a few examples for your inspiration – maybe there is something for your baby? With these baby names it is guaranteed to be: the little trendsetter: in!

10 unisex baby names that are trending

Alani: comes from Hawaii and means heaven child

Alexis: comes from Greece and stands for helper: in

Devin: means: the poet, but also stands for: the zealous

Florin: means the: the blooming one

Luca: is used in Italy and Hungary for girls and boys and means: the shining one

Million: comes from Slavic and means: the lovable

Maris: stands for sea star and any gender

Noah: is among the most popular baby names of 2020 and means: the comforting one

Raja: stands for: hope or even paradise