United Arab Emirates Three dead and six injured in an explosion in Abu Dhabi

The explosion of tanker trucks carrying fuel left three dead and six “slightly to moderately” injured Monday in Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates, where the authorities spoke of an incident “probably” due to drones, according to the official WAM news agency.

Authorities have launched “an extensive investigation” into the “causes of the fire”, WAM added as the Houthi rebels, whom Abu Dhabi is fighting in Yemen, spoke of a “large-scale military operation” against the Emirates.

The explosion took place near the tanks of the Abu Dhabi Oil Company, and a “minor fire” took place in “the new construction area of ​​Abu Dhabi International Airport”.

A first Houthi attack in the Emirates

The Emirates are members of the Saudi-led military coalition that has been operating in Yemen since 2015 to support government forces against the Houthis, Iran-backed insurgents.

After distancing themselves, they recently returned to the field in Yemen, in particular by supporting the “Giants” brigade which “liberated” territories taken by the rebels.

The conflict in Yemen has intensified in recent weeks with an increase in coalition raids and ground offensives by forces it supports.

For their part, the rebels have increased missile and drone attacks against Saudi territory. The Emirates had never been the victim of a known attack by the Houthis.

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