United comeback not live on TV: Ronaldo show – and nobody is watching?

United comeback not live on TV
Ronaldo Show – and nobody is watching?

The hype surrounding Cristiano Ronaldo’s return before his comeback for Manchester United is huge. Tickets for the home game are sold online for 3,000 euros. Because a special rule prevents the CR7 premiere from being broadcast on television.

For the big show, Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t need a ball on his foot, a normal showy appearance is completely sufficient. And so the superstar drove up to training at Manchester United in the 190,000 euro Lamborghini, befitting and to the delight of the British boulevard. The Sun already wanted to see the “Lambo of God” – but on Saturday the Messiah wants to make the headlines again.

The hype about Ronaldo is huge on the island after his spectacular return to the “old love” ManUnited. Tickets for the Portuguese comeback at Old Trafford against Newcastle United (2 p.m. / Sky) are traded online for up to an insane 3000 euros. The fact that the 75,000 spectators in the “Theater of Dreams” will be the only ones in England who will be allowed to see the prodigal son return home is also likely to drive up prices.

Because the so-called “Blackout Rule” from the 1960s prevents Premier League matches from being broadcast live on television between 2:45 p.m. and 5:15 p.m. Instead of the CR7 show, this ban should allow fans to watch games from their local clubs.

“I want to keep making history”

Ronaldo will be able to get over it. The joy about his move from Juventus Turin back to Manchester, where his fabulous rise to world star really took off from 2003, is too great. “I have a fantastic history with this great club,” said the 36-year-old. His return to Old Trafford after a twelve-year absence was “the best decision I have ever made”.

And the goals of the five-time world footballer at his old and new place of work are not exactly small. “I want to keep making history,” he said, and also “helping Manchester to celebrate great successes, to win trophies and to be number one.”

He recently demonstrated in the jersey of the Portuguese national team that the ambition and hunger for success have not diminished in the autumn of his career. His two goals against Ireland meant international goals 110 and 111 – world records.

“With him closer to winning trophies”

Of course, a CR7 appears stylish for training.

(Photo: REUTERS)

And because the jubilation over the winning goal would have been only half as good without showing off his bare torso, he was allowed to return to Manchester earlier because of the yellow card suspension. After five days of quarantine, Ronaldo was able to do his first training with the record champions on Tuesday.

The expectations there are high – after all, the Red Devils have been waiting for a title since 2017. The last championship was eight years ago. That should change with Ronaldo. “We know,” said his team-mate and compatriot Bruno Fernandes, “that we are closer to winning trophies with him.”

And the club icon Wayne Rooney has high hopes for the return of the former strike partner. “I think United are finally ready to fight for a title again,” said the former top attacker, and Ronaldo will have “great moments” this season. And of course not only at the wheel of his luxury cars.