United Kingdom: four Vietnamese migrants missing after the fire of an abandoned factory

Four Vietnamese migrants are missing in the UK, police fear they may have been in a disused factory in Oldham (north of England) where human remains were discovered after a fire on May 7.

Greater Manchester Police released the names of the four men, Cuong Van Chu, 39, Uoc Van Nguyen, 31, Duong Van Nguyen, 29 and Nam Thanh, 21, on Thursday evening August 4. reported as missing on July 21.

Three victims not yet identified

Arriving in the UK in June 2019, Cuong Van Chu “maintained regular contact with his wife and children but they have not heard from him since Saturday May 7, 2022“, reports the police in a press release. The family of Uoc Van Nguyen has also not heard from him since May 7 and told them at the time that he was in a factory.

Duong Van Nguyen and Nam Thanh had also told their relatives that they were in a “disused buildingand that they were looking for work. The first had arrived in the UK about a year ago and the second in January 2022. Workers responsible for the demolition of the site discovered the human remains of three victims on July 23 who have not yet been formally identified. “Although we have reason to suspect that Cuong, Uoc, Duong and Nam may have been in the factory during the fire, we remain open to different possibilities.said police, appealing to the public for information.

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In 2019, a drama shed harsh light on illegal immigration networks that thrive on the hope of candidates for exile. Thirty-nine Vietnamese migrants – the youngest of whom were two 15-year-old boys – had died of asphyxiation and hyperthermia in the trailer of a truck in England where they hoped for a better life.

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