United Kingdom: panic in “Londongrad”

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Across the Channel, we intend to bring the Russian oligarchs back into line. Industrialist Mikhail Fridman, 58, paid the price last week.

From our correspondent in London, Marc Roche

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Lhe “Londongrad”, as the circle of wealthy Russian oligarchs based in London is called, is in its own shoes after the arrest last week of one of its emblematic figures, Mikhail Fridman. Suspected of money laundering, attempted fraud and perjury, the 58-year-old founder of the Russian group Alpha, as well as two of his collaborators, have been released on bail.

The arrest was carried out by the cell to combat kleptocrats recently set up by the United Kingdom to combat the criminal activities of the oligarchs and their British supporters, bankers, accountants and lawyers in the City.

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