United States: Citigroup bank to lay off its non-vaccinated employees

According to the group’s HR department, 99% of employees have complied with the vaccination obligation laid down by the company.

No vaccine, no job. Employees of the American bank Citigroup only have this Friday, January 14 to be vaccinated against Covid-19. Otherwise they will be fired. The threat, brandished in October and then reiterated in a memo sent at the beginning of the month to all of the group’s employees in the United States, consulted by the Bloomberg agency, is about to become reality.

A very small minority of employees could find themselves sacked at the end of the month – having been placed on unpaid leave by then. Indeed, on the eve of the end of the deadline granted by the company, 99% of employees had come into compliance, said Sara Wechter, the group’s human resources director with 70,000 employees across the Atlantic, in a post. shared on LinkedIn on Thursday. Exemptions for medical or religious reasons could be accepted by society. “Over the past day, we expect the number of non-compliant employees to decrease even further.“, also wrote Sara Wechter.

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More than 200 unvaccinated United Airlines workers laid off

Citigroup is the first major Wall Street banking institution to take the leap of mandatory vaccination. The New York-based company originally justified this provision by Joe Biden’s decision to make vaccination mandatory for all employees working on government contracts. A provision which has since been the subject of legal action, but which Citigroup nevertheless wished to comply with.

In the United States, Citigroup is not the first company to lay off its unvaccinated employees. United Airlines, for example, terminated the contract of 232 employees last October for lack of vaccination. Its CEO, Scott Kirby, was pleased that 99.7% of its 67,000 American employees had complied with the vaccination obligation put in place by the firm. The food company Tyson Foods has adopted the same policy, forcing its 120,000 American employees to be vaccinated before November 1. She said she had reached a rate of 96% of vaccinated employees. Google seems to want to follow this path. The tech giant’s management sent a memo to its American employees last month, in which it indicates that those who are not vaccinated by January 18 could eventually be made redundant.

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