United States: job creation clearly higher than expected!

According to today’s report from the U.S. Department of Labor…

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( — According to today’s report from the US Department of Labor, the creation of non-agricultural jobs in the United States for the month of November stood at 263,000, against the market consensus of 200,000. The unemployment rate came in as expected at 3.7%, stable compared to the previous month. Job creations in the private sector were 221,000, against a consensus of 200,000. Manufacturing job creations were 14,000, against 20,000 consensus. The average hourly wage increased twice as fast as expected, up 0.6% compared to the previous month against 0.3% consensus. It climbed 5.1% over one year against 4.6% consensus.

In addition, job creations for October, previously estimated at 261,000, have been revised to 284,000.

The labor force participation rate in November was 62.1%, against a consensus of 62.3%.


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