Unity: Terraria developers make a huge donation to two competitors

The trust between Unity and the developers are broken. The firm behind the game engine widely used, particularly by independents, has revised its policy and announced a tax for each installation of a game using Unity. An announcement criticized by absolutely the entire industry, forcing the firm to reverse its decision, even if nothing has been detailed yet.

The affair caused a lot of noise, death threats were even issued, but independent developers banded together against Unity. Some people want to change engines to no longer have to deal with Unity, whose policy is disastrous and above all uncertain. And the studios that can afford it are coming to the rescue. This is the case of Re-Logicdeveloper of Terrariaa survival game Minecraft but in 2D, which has still been as successful all these years.

Re-Logic has just announced thathe will donate $100,000 each to Godot And FNAtwo game engines open source, and will sponsor them to the tune of $1,000 per month. The only condition will be to maintain integrity and continue to develop powerful and easily accessible engines. A real tackle for Unity, Re-Logic obviously points the finger at the company (even if Terraria does not use this engine), judging that press releases will never be enough to repair the damage done to the community from independent developers.

Since the announcement of the installation tax by Unitymore and more developers are eyeing competing engines, expect to hear even more about Godot And FNA in the future, especially for independent projects. And if you don’t know Terrariathe title is sold for €29.99 on Amazon, Fnac And Cdiscount.

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