Unknowingly infected: does the corona vaccination also make sense then?

Unknowingly infected
Does the corona vaccination also make sense then?

Vaccinated, what now? Even those who have (unknowingly) recovered benefit from it.


Around 42 percent of corona infections go unnoticed. You can find out in the video why it is important to get a corona vaccination in such cases.

The number of corona infections in the last few months are significantly higher than they could be proven by tests, because many people did not know anything about their disease. In a large study, researchers at the University of Medicine in Mainz investigated which groups are particularly often affected and what this means for antibody production.

Do people who have unknowingly recovered still need a vaccination?

In the video you will find out how you can find out whether you have already unknowingly been infected with the coronavirus and how useful a vaccination is then.

Source: RTL

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