Unknown flying objects – Biden: Downed flying objects for research purposes on the way – News

  • According to US President Joe Biden, the three mysterious flying objects recently shot down by the US military were most likely on their way for research purposes.
  • According to the intelligence services, they probably belonged to private companies or research institutions.
  • The US is thus ending speculation that China carried out further espionage operations after the launch of a balloon almost two weeks ago.

“We don’t yet know exactly what those three objects were, but at this point there’s nothing to suggest they were linked to China’s spy balloon program,” Biden said. There is also nothing to suggest that they were traveling for espionage purposes on behalf of another country.

After the US military shot down a suspected Chinese spy balloon on February 4, it has taken three other previously unidentified, smaller flying objects from the sky since the end of last week. One was shot down over Alaska, one over Canada and one over Lake Huron, which is part of the Great Lakes region of northern United States bordering Canada. Since then there has been speculation about the origin and purpose of the flying objects.

Biden: “We don’t want a cold war”

Biden has again defended the launch of the suspected Chinese spy balloon by the American military against criticism from Beijing. “I make no apologies for launching that balloon.” The US did not seek conflict with China and did not want a new Cold War. It’s just a matter of competition between the two states. Diplomats from both countries are still in contact. “And I expect to speak to President Xi,” he said, referring to his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.

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