Unmask fake news on WhatsApp: These numbers will help you


With WhatsApp there are several ways to check whether a post is fake news. You can report suspicious posts to these numbers.

WhatsApp now has a fact check bot. (Source: Netzwelt)

  • Fake news is often spread on WhatsApp.
  • The messenger takes action against it.
  • There are several ways to have suspicious articles checked.

Messenger WhatsApp and the news agency dpa are cooperating and want to curb the spread of fake news via the app. You can send suspicious posts to the number
+491603476409 Report.

Thanks to the “ThatsFact” software solution developed by the company MessengerPeople, the dpa-Bot can also pre-analyze transmitted images and videos and check whether they are counterfeit. However, the dpa explains in a press release that you decide for yourself which contributions you want to check, there is no entitlement to the service.

AFP fact check

The AFP news agency has been offering a similar offer in Messenger since September 2021. A chatbot is here to help you find false information that is shared with you. You can send suspicious posts to the number 0172/2524054 send. If the chatbot gets stuck, a specially appointed editor is available to help.

The news agency is already offering similar bots in Brazil and India. “We give users an ideal tool against false information that could previously spread unhindered on WhatsApp,” says Max Biederbeck, head of fact check for Germany, Austria and Switzerland in a press release from the agency.

Fact check from Correctiv

The Correctiv.Faktencheck has been offering since May 2020 under the number + 49-151-17535184 a similar service. You can send texts, links, pictures or videos to the number that you think are questionable. You can also forward WhatsApp messages. The team also offers a daily fact check, which you can subscribe to.

Behind the “Correctiv” project is a non-profit GmbH, the project also carries out fact checks on behalf of Facebook.

Further measures by WhatsApp

WhatsApp itself has already taken several precautions against the spread of fake news. For example, the forwarding function was restricted in order to prevent the mass distribution of the relevant messages.

WhatsApp gives frequently forwarded messages a double arrow; these are often fake news. You should therefore check them carefully.

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