“Unter Uns”: Tatiani Katrantzi makes a surprising return to the RTL series

“Between us”
Tatiani Katrantzi makes a surprising return to the RTL series

Tatiani Katrantzi last appeared in 1998 as Jennifer Turner in the RTL series “Unter Uns”. Now she’s back on Schillerallee.

© Photo: RTL / Stefan Behrens

Actress Tatiani Katrantzi returns to the RTL series “Unter Uns” after more than 24 years as Jennifer Turner.

Actress Tatiani Katrantzi (48) is back as Jennifer Turner in the RTL series “Unter Uns”. The broadcaster announced this on Tuesday. The 48-year-old was last seen in an episode of the series more than 24 years ago. From January 17, 2023 she can be seen again “longer” on “Unter Uns”, it said. Already from episode 1 she played the same role in over 900 episodes from 1994 to 1998.

In episode 7,038, as Jennifer Turner, she brings an animal gift to her old friend Chris Weigel (Jan Ammann, 47). She works for an animal welfare organization on Crete and has the dog Tzatziki with her. But instead of making himself comfortable with his new owner, the cheeky four-legged friend pursues his very own plans.

(Back) came to stay

Katrantzi is very happy about her comeback and doesn’t want to leave for a long time. She was “very happy to be back,” said the actress. “I visited a year ago, but this time I’m staying longer.” Apparently, the role of the animal rights activist is no coincidence, after all, she also sees herself as a “dog person” in her private life. Until a few years ago, she herself had a Labrador-Kleinmünsterländer mix: “Phoebe, the best dog in the world!”

The 48-year-old also finds points of contact from her first “Unter Uns” time. “Isabell Hertel is the only actress who was already filming in my day,” she said. But familiar faces are still in the team, for example “in the make-up, in actor coaching, in stage construction and with the directors,” says Katrantzi.

After her engagement in “Unter Uns”, the actress starred in series like “Berlin, Berlin”, “Hand aufs Herz” or “In the Name of the Law”, with the comedy “Suck My Dick” she celebrated her cinema debut in 2001. She was married to Oli P. (44) for ten years, and they have a son together.


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