Unterlangkampfen – Drunken driver (35) caused a collision

That will be expensive: A drunk local (35) rammed the car of a German who was injured in Langkampfen. His vehicle was pushed off the road into a field.

On Monday around 12.40 p.m., the 54-year-old German citizen drove his car in the municipality of Unterlangkampfen on Kufsteiner Strasse in the direction of Kirchbichl. At the same time, the 35-year-old Austrian wanted to turn off a local road into Kufsteiner Strasse in his car. Despite the 54-year-old’s evasive maneuver, the two vehicles collided.

Bumped into the field
The 54-year-old’s car was pushed over the left shoulder of the road into the adjacent field. The handlebar was slightly injured. The driver involved in the accident remained uninjured, but was drunk at just under 1.5 per mille. Two police patrols, a rescue team and the Kufstein road maintenance depot were in action.