Untersberg crime thriller – dog “Ronto” tracked down the body of the missing woman

The police were in the dark, for almost a week they looked in vain for a missing divorced couple. The “Krone” reported. Now a walker with his dog “Ronto” found the woman’s body in a wooded area near Großgmain. “When my dog ​​barked, I knew what was going on,” Thomas Figurek tells the “Krone”.

Suddenly “Ronto” disappeared into a bush. A moment later the dog barked. Master Thomas Figurek followed him – and made a terrible find. “I knew that my dog ​​had discovered the body of the missing person.”

Employees of the dog squadron
The Großgmainer is an employee of the Red Cross dog squadron. On Saturday morning he was out on a private “weather walk” with his four-legged friend. Not far from a forest road in a forest between Fürstenbrunn and Großgmain, “Ronto” tracked down the body, deposited on an embankment not far from the road. “I’m not close, I kept my distance and alerted the police,” says Figurek. The executive moved out, secured the site near the Roman road on a large scale. The crime scene work including forensic evidence lasted several hours. A funeral home then removed the body.

In the afternoon, the police confirmed that the dead person was “probably” the Bosnian who was reported missing on Tuesday. As reported, the woman met her ex-husband (47) at the beginning of the week. They wanted to discuss the sale of the shared apartment.

Police searched for missing people for almost a week
After that, the traces of the couple, who had been divorced for almost two years, disappeared. The police started a major search on Tuesday around the Untersberg in Grödig and Großgmain. There, the mobile phones of the missing people were dialed into the cell phone network for the last time. It was there that “Ronto” found the body of the 44-year-old woman.

Search parties have also been out in the past few days in Riedingtal near Zederhaus, which is just under 100 kilometers away. The police discovered the Bosnian’s BMW X3 there.

Traces of blood in the car are a mystery
According to information from the “Krone”, the investigators found traces of blood on the door fold of the vehicle. It is still unclear whether this is the blood of the dead. The police are also said to have secured an iron bar. A possible weapon? The police do not want to give any information about this for the time being. “For tactical investigative reasons,” they say. The fact is: the police are investigating in the direction of murder. An autopsy of the woman’s body on Monday should provide further information about the cause of death.

The woman’s mobile phone is also likely to be in the car. The Bosnian is said to have switched on his cell phone last in Riedingtal. There is still no trace of the man. Whether he parked his car in Lungau and fled by other means cannot currently be ruled out.