UNUSUAL: a Game Award missing since 2018 found on eBay

The ceremony of Game Awards is above all there to award prizes to the games that marked the year, and in 2018, the teamExtremely OK Games won the trophy for Best Indie Game for Celestiala prize awarded by Ninja. But after the speech on stage, the statuette disappeared under mysterious circumstances… before reappearing very recently.

PrestigeIsKeyan active videographer on Youtube and Twitchis passionate about Game Awards and wanted to get a replica of the famous winged statuette. Rather than 3D print it or contact Geoff Keighley, he went snooping on eBay and unearthed a real Game Award on sale ! A rather shady deal, the trophy was sold for $500, PrestigeIsKey negotiated it for $375, and he obviously unboxed it on video. One unboxing unusual to say the least, because it is indeed a real Game Awardthe plate at the bottom of the statuette indicates that it is the one given to the developers of Celestial in 2018.

PrestigeIsKey was unaware of the disappearance of the trophy, so he contacted the development studio, who revealed to him thatafter the ceremony, they never received their award, lost along the way. So that’s the real trophy PrestigeIsKey has in hand, but the videographer immediately offered to send the Game Award at Extremely OK Gameswhich he did, but the studio has already announced that they will refund his purchase and even send him some autographed copies of Celestial. An amazing affair that ends well. You can play Celestial through cards NHP on Amazon.

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