Unusual beauty trends that we are finally trying out

Brow lamination

Brow lamination – also known as brow lifting is THE treatment that everyone celebrates on social media. We have already tested it. And the best thing is: You can even try it out at home, all you need is an eyelash wave kit. You can get that from Refectocil, for example. Instead of on the eyelashes you apply the products according to the instructions on the brows. And you've already conjured up the bushy eyebrow look very easily yourself. Alternatively: Try the Soap Brows. Simply soak up a little soap (from the bar!) With a wet brow brush and comb the brow upwards. The look is definitely getting used to, but cool. Nobody sees it at home …

Pastel eyeshadow

We see pastel everywhere in the online shops – and on the eyelids. So it is high time that we try the trend. We know: colored eye shadows are often not the first thing we would wear in everyday life – but the trend is definitely worth trying. And who knows – maybe you don't find pastel make-up as "blatant" as you actually thought ?!

Graphic liner

We actually only see graphic eyeliner on the catwalk – and on Instagram. And hopefully in your eyes from now on. Painting a bit by numbers and artistic activities also promote concentration, or what was it like? The best thing to do is to try a bit around first – not every liner fits every eye shape. You can also play a little with the colors, colorful eyeliner only had its big moment in summer. So they will definitely come back soon.

Viral hacks

If you are on Instagram or apps like TikTok, you will see a sea of ​​viral beauty hacks. Fake freckles with eyebrow color, powder in front of the foundation and lipstick as a blush. Does it all work? Good question! Let's just find out. If you want to pass the time, just give it a try. But please stay away from anything that somehow doesn't look safe. We don't want to overdo it right away.

And if that's not enough for you: Instagram and Co. are full of inspiring looks, hairstyles and styles. We promise you – there will always be something to try out.